85 vin decode question


buzzn 1/2 duzzn

What is the engine code in the vin for a 1985 turbo car?
I've found one site on the web that decodes vins and the one I want to decode comes back as a 3.8 V6, (no reference to a turbo)
Vin is 1G4GK4795FHXXXXXX.
I also checked gnttype.org, and they only decode the 86 and 87's.
I beleive that the 9 in the 8th digit means that it has the 3.8 turbo. I could be mistaken, but im 98% sure
That vin should be right. The 3.8L SFI turbo engine is classified as engine code 9, which should be the 8th digit, in the VIN. HTH
Thanks for the replies,
I checked my 86 vin on that site, and it came back as 231 v6 also, (nothing about turbo) so it must be the site.
darn, I was thinking I'd be driving a turbo car, at non-turbo insurance rates!