86-7 computer conversion


mmmmmmmmmmmmm TURBO!!!!!!
Nov 16, 2003
How hard is it to convert to the 86-7 brains? I understand that chips are a lot easier to come by for that setup. I was just curious as to how hard it was....:confused:
Takes a little while. Replace your ecm with the 148 and make sure the Cal-Pak is there (503 or 504). Run a wire from port C-11 to your MAT sensor and the other MAT sensor wire to port D-12 (sensor ground). If you want to run the 87 MAF, now would be a good time go install that. I run the stock 85 MAF and a 2000-2200 ohm resistor in place of the MAT and report no ill effects (running rich). You can also run an electric fan control from port D-2. This port grounds a fan control relay so you won't have to run a switch.