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  • Hey brother
    I was give your name by Nascar83fan...Ive had some work done here in EP by Jim at PAE and have had a few issues. Was wondering if i could pick your brain and maybe get you to maybe dial it in for me. Give me ring when your free please, 818-271-8246

    That was in my old 85GN. I used the Z28 springs and stock Speed Pro lifters. Never had a problem with the cam from 98 when I did the cam swap to the present day with the new owner. That cam worked really well with the TA-33 and BlueTops that I had on the car.
    hey gneric i read ur post and ur setup i c u have the 107 poston cam i looked through my catalog and seen the small description it gives about the cam and they recommend their high rev lifters and springs i was wondering if u also bought those too? did u replace the stock ones?
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