86-87 stock downpipe


Slowing down to SPEED UP!!!
Nov 9, 2013
the final part for my conversion, I'm looking for a stock Dp uncut so I can have it customized to bolt up to my 85 cat converter. I'm thinking I can cut the flange off my 85 dp weld it up to the 87 dp and I can finally finish my project. Thanks for your time.
I think I might have one have to check tomorrow.If I have it you can have it for free just shipping will check and get back.
Sorry my guy threw them all in the garbage,had 4 they were sitting for years.
i have a 87 gn downpipe, 50$ plus shipping
Let me know when you can on the shipping to 94503 CA. I can have one made local for $150 but I will need to tow my car to the exhaust shop which will be a lil more $. Thanks for your time
I have an 86 stock downpipe untouched if you need it. $50 or b.o. + shipping
I've tried email, not sure if you got it but if you can give me a shipping cost we can move on the dp I really need one. You can text me direct 510-314-3056. My name is Corey
ho corey, i e mailed you back? 19.09$ shipping from pgh to cal 94503. 4 days, thanks ed
My work schedule has been busy this week I will have time to get a postal money order hopefully Friday and I will send the payment with a confirmation number. I only trust postal money orders. Thanks for your patience.