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  • Bob...I hope..
    Bob Slusser??
    I bought another car!! I am rescuing this one as well. It is a true 87 GN.
    I am going to need a few parts and tons of advice.
    I want to be streetable but pretty quick. I am thinking a little more than I built the last time you helped me. I had the thrasher chip and the injectors I bought from you.
    I just hope you remember who I am !! I also want to do alcohol injection.
    This is Greg. You bought that blue 85 T Type from me way back when.
    I have a high mileage, bone stock ( cat test pipe) 87 GN.
    Gonna start upgrading, spring cleaning it. Looking for an aftermarket
    street chip, injectors, hot wire kit, vacuum brake conversion kit, maybe an
    LS1 maf and translater, and an alky kit. Body is so so.
    If you know anyone who has any thing they want to sell, I can use a
    hey theirs a set of clear lenses for front bumper for 40$ in the for sale section. user is dirtymexican
    I'm new to the site. My dad was Terry Dinwiddie. I knew about the site but wasn't sure what it was. I happened to find it and wanted to get in contact with some of dads old friends! I now have his car!!
    robert wen we confirmed the address last time there wasnt 4127 Chalfonte DR in the message i looked in paypal and i found that so i will go drop them off for u right now again i apologize for the delay feel free to call me
    hey robert this alfredo the guy u bought the injectors from the package was returned back to me becuz of insufficient address please give me a call at 714-488-4408 asap thank u
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