86 A/C ,Heater box cover


Jan 25, 2002
I 'm looking for an 86 and 86 only a/c, heater box cover with an excellent emission label on it. Or just a perfect 86 emission decal. Also willing to trade an excellent 87 lid for an 86. Thanks Mike
you would think with all of todays technology that the 86 emission label would be reproduced .. no love for the chrome grille cars
What's different about the '86? I have a refrigerator box of AC/Heater parts. I rebuilt an AC box (for my 87) from parts so maybe an extra 86 is around?
the 86 label for one thing states ".. for 1986 model year " , it has a different label code at top left than the 87 and also included the coilpack wiring diagram that the 87 didnt have
I found three - one 84, one 87 & the one out of the rust bucket 86 had been stripped of all labels .

DSCN9264 - Copy.JPG

Sorry - I would have liked to help you for a change!
No sweat, it was ABOUT TIME I look in that big old box. Too bad 'tho, I was trying to squeeze in ONE good deed before the end of the month. :(