86 gn for sale maybe


Hello friends
I have been building a 87 WE4 and I am half way there but today the good lord finally shines some light my way believe me never happens I traded a guy some HVAC installs for his 86 GN this thing has 74000 miles and is in great shape was painted 4 years ago and been sitting in a shop was never wet sanded are buffed I am doing that next week I will post RPO codes and pic’s tomorrow just seeing if there is any interest in buying it out there (wife said can’t have two and my 69 cutlass and my trans am and my Torino wagon that’s turbo lol ) not sure on a price yet maybe some of y’all can chime in on that thanks all
$45k .. Great. I am overseas right now but can get it delivered to my house in da USA. Ill have a benk chick ready upon arrival of the car. If ya want the $$$ before I can do dat also. I'll send ya $50k to cover all expenses. I will send a carrier to pick it up upon you getting my check. 👍