86 Regal T. AFX spindles, 9" rear, lots of goodies


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Sep 29, 2010
Howdy folks. Noob here with a car for sale.
Its an 86 Regal with extensive mods for the twisties. Bought 4 years ago as a straight line car for $6500. Paint & interior unchanged. Front to rear suspension and drivetrain all new bag-o-tricks.

All original. No rust. Right rear quarter was hit by previous owners wife on a dirt bike, damage was minor. Originally a V6 granny car, bronze.

Previous owner stripped interior, windows, everything for prep before spraying. They did it so its not perfect but not bad. All new window seals and swapped in good glass. All moldings either NOS GN black or painted black. NOS 87 GN grille. NOS GN black locks & door handles.

Complete out of Turbo T including front bucket seats, rear seat, center console and steering column without shifter. Gauges include Autometer 5" tach and Sportcomp Fuel press, Oil press, Water temp, Vacuum, and AFR.
4 point harnesses, new headliner and carpet with paint.
new window motors last winter.

Suspension: Front
AFX spindles, C6 vette z51 calipers, DBA 4000 13.5" rotors
AFCO 800lb springs, adjustable spring perches
Carrera shocks, new moog steering components
SPC adjustable upper A arms w/spherical bushings new moog ball joints
Stock lowers, new moog ball joints, AFCO steel bushings
info on AFX spindles found at SCandC.com or t56kit.com.

Supension: Rear
UMI upper and lower double adjustable control arms w/roto joints
AFCO 175lb springs, adjustable spring perches
Carrera shocks

NEW: approx 300-500 miles on build since finished

Engine: 383
.30 over 4 bolt 010 block. Procomp aluminum heads
Aluminum roller rockers 1.5 ratio
Comp nitride coated custom cam and matched lifters
Scat cast crank, pink rods, flat top speed pro hyperutectic
Edelbrock dual plane RPM intake: black
Fabbed alum valve covers: black
Alternator: black
MSD pro billet and 6AL box w/timing adjust
approx 400-450hp...@ 6500 feet altitude

plummed with NOS but never run thru this motor

Trans: TH400 same as behind old motor just new parts listed below
9.5" 3200 stall converter
B&M aluminum deep pan

Rear end: new motor fragged the 10 bolt first time out soo...

Fabbed G-body 9" from Quick Performance
adjustable lower control arm mounts
spherical bushings in ears
billet housing ends
jack pad
powder coated black
Strange nodular center section
billet 1350 yoke
aluminum daytona support
Detroit True Trac
31 spline Moser Axles
Right Stuff 11.5" disc brake kit

I've got right around $24-25K invested. Asking $13,500.


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more pics

FYI: the car does have the front air damn on it.

email with any questions.
i've auto crossed it twice and it corners pretty flat..see pic. definitely has more in it and was only a couple seconds off an 04 Z06.



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ty you can buy it and chase scottw around:D
nice color never seen that before on a buick
ty you can buy it and chase scottw around:D
nice color never seen that before on a buick

I need a hair dryer attatched to a twisted 6...... if it was gonna haul my fat azz around it might need a 100mm turbo lol...:biggrin:

We have a house in Estes PArk Co is the reason I was asking. I could verify it for board members.
Nice Car!!

Glad to see you made it over here, Your car looks awesome! Guy's I seen this car on the pro-touring site and he asked me if I knew anyone interested in his car and told him to post it over here.

This is one hell of a nice/fun car for the money!

Good luck with the sale!

Scot W.
thanks for the bump fellas. who knows, if she sells...well i guess i'll just have to see. if not, stick and a clutch pedal this winter. or a lil boost...
Alright, bumpin the thread.

I've still got it. Dyno'd 366rwhp, 416rwtq at 5300ft. All other specs same as listed above.
Done some road course'n with it and was a damn menace to a couple M3's. Brick moves out.
Asking $9800 obo, trying to go to flight school.