86 T-Type in So. Cal. (Roller)


May 22, 2011
Trying to get rid of my 86 T-Type Roller, no engine, no trans, no computer, black outside, burgundy inside, fillers are shot, (like most out there) it's got a sunroof, aluminum bumper supprts, and aluminum drums, prefer someone in the Southwestern region, asking $2300 OBO. Located in Norwalk, CA, any other info needed, text at (562) 484-8076, Robert. Don't make me part it out.

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With the exception of the rear end which is worth a few bucks even though it sounds like it isn't a posi, if you take the turbo drivetrain out of a Turbo Regal then it's just a Regal that's a roller correct?

What in the hell is 1986TR talking about? It clearly says no engine in the description.

Well if it leaks oil it would be worth your asking price!!

Do it overheat?

think Gil is trying to politely say its over priced,
MikeE just sold his designer series t for $750 with all the body work done, frame notched, reinforced and painted, interior in better condition, fire wall finished and painted, with a few spare parts, given it didnt have a rear end or front suspension, but if this one is a peg leg its not a + in my book, and considering the condition of the rest of the car the front suspension will more than likely need to be rebuilt anyways. if Mikes car would have been closer i would have bought it.

for what its worth i got my 86 19K mile GN "roller" with the engine on a engine stand and mint interior and 2K in parts for $1000 but i know its not a fair comparison because i know i got a smoking deal.


if the damm thing leaked oil and had over heating issues it would mean it had a engine in it and would be worth what the asking price is IMO!!!! yes i know what a roller is :D