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May 25, 2001
Car is for sale gents. I added the FAST and was recently tuned by Bison back in December. It has some paint work by previous owner for checking and I had a few scratches touched up when I bought it. Super clean, strong running car and from the looks of it somewhat rare color optioned car. Don't see many this color at the Buick events.


66K mile car, leather int, column shift with center arm rest
FAST Sportsman XFI with Edash
Ported stock heads
212 roller cam
TA 1.65 roller rocker
Ported upper, lower intake
Racetronix 450 pump with 8/6 line kit
RJC 3" SS crossflow exhaust
TE45A turbo
TR6 ignition
Cruz Performance vacuum delete kit
Modified THDP for ext WG
Alky kit with bison’s Alky plate
Fresh trans build billet shaft and drum NLU/ Hughes 3600 stall
80lb inj
Hotchkis lowers
HR anti roll bar
4"MAF pipe
hurst line lock (not hooked up)
Dual fans
MT drag radials less than 500 street miles
I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting.....

Most parts have less than 1000 miles on them. Have some of the stock parts and a bunch of manuals and literature that will come with the sale. Have not been to the track but I built this with ambitions of being a mid to high 10 sec reliable car. AC blows cold everything works on it, no issues what so ever.



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I believe according to Kirban's book this might be one of 55 cars built. 86 with leather was very rare.
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Wow man, there isn't much to do in Leesville (home of the newly weds and nearly deads). So you sure you wanna sell it?

Bump for a very nice car!

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Lol....early morning blue crab hunt today...we will see what happens with the sale. It was a short notice move thanks to the Army so had to leave it in CO. Maybe I just miss it... "She's a bute Clark"
It's for sale.. I won't be able to pick up the truck from storage for a few more weeks so just getting the word out. I guess I can change the title.
Finally got it back home. Put some new MT's on the rear so she finally hooks up. More pics will follow by the weekend.


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