86GN with no registered owners until 1993?


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Nov 21, 2005
does anyone know why carfax would not show any registered owners on an 86 GN from detroit until 1993? 1g4gk4771gp448263
i thought it might be a display car as well, do you think there would be any other reason? i've pulled carfax reports on cars just as old as this car.
anyway i bought the car. it's got a so so repaint, a couple of dings but mostly clean. the engine looks like it was never cleaned or detailed. its got 32,700 original miles.
In the same boat

I'm looking at one now that's in the same sitution...not registered until 96. It's a low mile car so I need to make sure I'm not getting stung.

Any ideas?
No record in CARFAX

I have run into the same situation. I don't have a final answer.

The dealer or first owner (collector/museum) are the two legitimate reasons I can think of. That first owner could, I believe, just hang on to the maunufacturers certificate of origin, 'tho that may be risky if for some reason that document gets lost. This is a good question for the folks at CARFAX and also the also the DMV where registration and title first appear.

Most state DMVs have a web site and if you navigate around you may find an address where you can send a question (which may or may not be better than being qued up on the phone).

The people at POLK may be able to answer. They publish the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual that is a nationwide resource for quote "Title, Registration, Lien and Driver license Procedures for all States." Historically Vol. I has info on title and reg. while Vol. II has info on salvage and other branding in titles. Their books may be in the library. I doubt if www.polk.com will be much help, tho they may answer some questions on the phone. If I had a little more time I would follow thru on this myself.