87 GN 25.3 Chassis Stock Style suspension small tire car. Parts or Whole


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1987 Buick Grand National NHRA 25.3 Spec Chassis Stock style suspension small tire 10.5W, 275x or Outlaw Drag Radial car.

-Car has title and is a real 87 GN
-Should weigh less than 2900# with driver when finished.

The plan was a factory black stock appearing GN body, black chrome powder coated chassis, a mostly factory interior with carbon fiber paneling and wheel tubs in the rear. All of the interior tin can be made out of carbon fiber and mounted with button head screws. The tin work in the pics are templates for this process or can be left as is.

There was a lot of thought time and effort put into building this car. This is an all out race car that has been adapted to look and act like a street car and not vise versa. Most stock body cars tend to start as street cars and are adapted or transformed into race cars and end up with issues and things that make working on and racing them sometimes a real PIA. I sold my TSO car in 2010 and started with a clean slate trying to apply the years of knowledge I had gained racing my old car. Details such as centralized and accessible custom wiring system so you will never be twisted and upside down trying to find an electrical short, removable front end for ease of working on and RR of the engine, ergonomic and functionally place driver compartment that wont make you into a contortionist to get in and out of the car or to reach safety devices and switches. No window net mount pressing against you arm or poking you in the ass, etc.

BODY is all steel the tub is a clean rust free GA body, doors are MINT and from 34k mile GN, GN header panel and grill. GN rear decklid with factory rear spoiler. I have all the factory trim and a set of new factory GN emblems for it. The bumpers and hood are fiberglass with the front clip is a custom one piece removable for ease of working on the car. The factory core support is highly modified with custom mounts. The radiator IC are mounted directly to the chassis with a custom mount for the front bumper to attach it to the core support. It has a factory GN header panel and steel fenders and hinged fiberglass hood for a stock looking removable front end. Just unbolt from the firewall and the front clip walks right off.
-Carbon Fiber wheel tubes 1/4's trimmed and will fit up to a 10.5W.
-The body tub is trimmed from firewall to taillight panel and is also removable. Technically the chassis can be made to accept any G-body if so desired.. Once final mock assembly was performed the plan was to tear the car all the way down remove the body and have the chassis, frame all sandblasted and powder coated Black Chrome. I have a shop available to perform this but this should not be done until ALL fab work and welding are completed on the chassis. This would include final placement of the driver and various mounting tabs for electronics wiring, fire system, CO2 or NOS bottles etc. This was to be performed during the final mock up. This is the point were the project is at now.

I was going to have the paint and body finished prior to powder coating the chassis which would make a nice clean final assembly with no body over spray, dust etc. With the front clip designed to be fully removable the body would essentially come off in two units and fairly easily. After final assembly the body would be then stitch welded to the floor pan and final tin work completed and would be a more permanent mount. The body sits on custom made alum body mounts and is bolted to a factory frame.

INTERIOR Mostly factory appearing GN. Kirkey seats with grey covers. The floorpan is a full one piece goodmark and it is welded and fit to the chassis. The floor pan is uncut so it will fit a factory carpet nicely. The cage will accept factory door panels. No back seat. The dash is a factory GN dash but is a custom mount with all the bars behind the dash. The dash is actually moved about 2' rearward toward the driver. The driver seat is mounted with room to go forward or rearward. Final gas and brake pedals need to be fabbed the design was to be after market pedals attached to the chassis and not the firewall. Factory pedal assemblies can still be installed.

CHASSIS: Chrome molly tube chassis with full inner frame rail and all suspension points in the factory location but tied into the chassis. The factory frame is there but mostly for appearances and to mount the body. The cage was fitted and tacked together with the body on and then the body was removed and the final welds were done with the body off so all welds on the chassis fully welded at 360*. I have many many pics of the chassis being built.

The chassis has been inspected and certified by NHRA and has a current tag and paperwork. There is about a year left on the current tag.

-TRZ upper and lower A-arms $900
-TRZ billet 1st gen Camaro spindles $450
-TRZ billet steering arms $150
-TRZ Steering rack $600
-TRZ Front coil over stock location coil over mount $120
-Strange double adj front coil overs $500
-Strange front disc brakes $600
-Wilwood master cylinder with billet firewall mount $150
-TRZ Ford 9" brace rearend housing with adj upper and lower mounting points $1100
-TRZ rod end link upper and lower adjustable control arms $450
- Strange double adjustable coil over shocks $500
-Strange rear disc brakes with dual caliper mounting flange. $500
-ART Pro series anti-roll bar.$200
-Strange 40 spline gun drilled star flange axles with 5/8 stud kit $350
-Bogart 15x12 Bolted RT rims $900 w/tires
-MT 325/50 drag radials NEW
-Billet Specialties Comp 5 billet one piece front $700 w/tires
-MT ET fronts 26"

ELECTRONICS-ART Grant pro steering wheel pkg with switches quick release $250
-ARC 12 switch panel with relay board $300
-MSD DIgital 7 Ignition and MSD Blaster Coil $500
-Flamming River Big Switch Cutoff
-Racepak V300 with display Dash and EGT's for V8. All wiring manuals. I have a bunch of pressure transducers and MAP sensors but will need the Racepak interface. $1900
- Accel Gen 7 latest version with pro key stand alone harness and/or custom jumper harness for GN I actually have three boxes along with ACCEL DFI datalogger and WBO2 controller and a NIB NTK WBO2 sensor. I have the Racepak interface for the GEN 7 for datalogging. Many options here I have a complete set up for a factory GN with a custom Caspers jumper box harness.

-Buick V6 on center S2 short block. Block is very nice no issues has one sleeve with the bore size 4.030.
-LA billet 3.59 crank STD?STD
-Crower Billet 6.300 rods NEW
-DLS CP pistons and rings with .205 wall pins
-Custom billet cam with roller bearing cam bearings.
-NEW Comp solid roller lifters
Cam is one I ran in my TSO car for many seasons and was a custom grind from Extreme Automatics for production style heads. $7000
-TA performance heads custom ported by DLS. 2.00" Titanium int valves 1.60" inconel exhaust with berryilium seats. I have flowed and played with many many head combos over the years and this is BY FAR the best set I have seen on a flow bench. Complete with headstuds, TD Rockers, pushrods, valve coers, $4000
-Champion Intake CNC ported by Champion and port to matched above heads with Champion plenum spacer throttle cable mount and T-stat AN fitting. $1200
-Accufab 90 mm TB $275
Complete motor as listed above no oil pan timing belt or front cover $11,500

-Danny Bee Belt drive set up with custom DLS accessory mount. Includes Belt Drive, NHI balancer, Crank Trigger, custom mandrel and pullies, Single stage belt drive oil pump with scavenge, 16v Powermaster Alternator with Champion alt mount, Custom Mallory Belt drive distributor. $5000. This setup is bad ass and Dan refuses to make another one so it is a one of a kind. I will NOT sell the motor or part it out until belt drive is sold.
-Billet Specialties billet oil pan set up for twins or front crossover. $450
-CSI Mini Starter $175

Turbo IC Headers:
-Custom CAS Radiator with Spal fan and Mezier tank mount dual outlet water pump $675
-PTE Billet wheel 4788 with T4 exh housing including turbine and outlet flanges and clampps $2200
-CAS V3 Intercooler $1000
-TA Performance header flanges
-Exile MSBC-1 Boost controller
-CO2 Bottle and regulator
-Two 4" and one 3" Race Part Solutions Wiggins Style clamps for cold side IC $300
-PTE 66mm Wastegate $450
-pair of 2.5" vband clamps, T4 weld flange with mount bracket,

To finish hot and cold side plumbing all that needed is the tubing I have all flanges and fittings.

Fuel System:
Weldon 2040 Fuel Pressure Reg $200
Weldon 2345 Fuel pump with pre and post billet filters $1300
160# Precision Fuel injectors $300
Custom Alum fuel cell made to fit the Chassis approx 8 gallon.

-Extreme Automatics TH400 Spragless
-Griner Billet alum spragless VB with 2nd gear leave and clean neutral shift options
-Billet Alum Direct drum
-Billet Alum FWD drum with Billet 300m input shaft.
-Kilgore 2:10 low gearset
-JW bell and Cast alum pan
-Billet main shaft and a host of other items and custom stuff I am sure I forgot to mention. The trans is FRESH and new the gearset and drums have been used. The trans is still at Extreme Automatics and comes with Lonnie service and backing $4500 which would about cover the parts cost to build this piece.
-PTC TQ conv TH400 $750 came from Dusty and is set up for a mid plate which the chassis has.

Everything listed above is essentially new and I have 95% of the items needed to finish the car. The only big ticket items left to buy are the rear end third member, drive shaft and the shifter. I have most of the misc small items like breather tanks various AN lines fittings, battery cables and wiring accessories etc.

I am willing to sell the car whole or in pieces so LMK what your interests are. I would love to find someone who is interested in finishing the project..The car can be competitive in many race classes with a V6 at the very light weight. The motor combo above is the one from my TSO car that with a conservative tune ran very low 8's over 170 mph at close to 3500#. That was with busted up shitty Champion GN1 heads and no belt drive setup. I have a ridiculous amount of money into this project and to start from scratch to have a car like this built you will have over $75k into it.

I am willing to have paint and body work completed on the car and sell the rolling chassis with all suspension, brakes, rims tires, chassis electronics including MSD and ARC panel (NO Racepak/DFI) for $21000 I have more than this into material and the chassis fab work. I have more than $30k into the roller as it sits.

I am willing to sell the motor complete but would like to sell motor or chassis complete before piecing out all the parts. I have prices listed next to most of the parts if not feel free to inquire.

I am selling due to lack of interest and time to race a car at this level and not necessarily financial ones. I will entertain offers and trades but please be serious with offers. I have just gotten the car home after 5 years at the chassis shop and I'm still plugging away on the project. I am only advertising it here for now in hopes of finding a Buick guy interested in completing the project and racing it with the Buick V6.
OK sat in the body shop for close to a year with nothing done. It's home again and I am done with the project. I have a buyer for the chassis only and he wants to put a Grand Prix body on it so I am parting the car out completely at this point. Suspension, brakes, coilovers, rack, rearend housing axles, wheels tires, body all for sale. LMK what you interest is it will all be going on YB.com and racing junk soon.
Sale pending on the roller, and the even better news is it is going to stay a Buick V6 and is going to a friend who is going to race it at Buick events!

Sale pending on the turbo

Heads are spoken for I will have the motor out this weekend and probably start pulling it apart unless there are any takers for the motor complete?

Parts left to sell after roller is gone
Complete electronics package full Gen 7 setup with V300 Racepak and EGTS etc (on racing junk).
Innovate MSBC with CO2 and regulator
EA Spragless TH400 with billet drums shaft and 2:10 gearset JW bell etc Fresh trans currently at Extreme automatics and will ship direct.
NEW PTC 10.5" TQ Converter
Danny Bee Belt drive
Custom DLS belt drive distributor belt drive Oil pump with MSD cranktrigger and PM 16v alternator
More to come soon...