'87 GN differential cover GM part # ?

Rich Gio

You'll need a bigger Hemi
Anybody know the GM part number for the 8.5" 10 bolt stock differential cover?
Are they still available NOS?
Well I just replaced mine with the Dorman aftermarket cover. I'm pretty sure you could find an NOS one around since this was used on ALOT of vehicles. The Dorman cover $20.00 Advanced auto is not as thick as the GM one but mine was very pitted and wanted to clean it up back there. FYI bolts are 20lbs torque cross pattern I used the Felpro gasket instead of the one that came with the cover. It takes 2Liters of fluid and bottle of GM additive.
Yeah, I want to powder coat one and put my original away. Anyone got a lead on the GM part number?
I was going to say - what color PC are you after - Ive got an old stock one that I could blast and PC for you if your interested.
Thanks Guys....

I got a relative that does powder coating proffessionally. I think I'll have it done as close to the stock galvanized/phosphate coating color as possible. I found a NOS one online for 20$....
that same cover was used on millions upon millions of GM cars and trucks from the mid 60's to well past the '00 model year that used the 8.2", 8.5", and 8.6" differentials- it was even used on the front differential of 1/2 and 3/4 ton 4X4 trucks from 79-90 or so.