87 GN donor

Eric Stauch

Jan 12, 2008
Looking to sell an 87 GN I picked up as a parts car. Im not too sure on the history of this thing but some buddies bought it and was going to take it Lemons racing but that never happened so here I ended up with it. Let me say this, it is not a car you are going to want to save. It is good for its drive train and thats it. It has rust in the roof and the floors. every body panel on it is beat to hell. Yes that is a 79 malibu front end on it that doesn't fit at all. however the motor is basically untouched and runs well. It had been sitting when I got it and after getting it running a suspected a bad injector so I swapped my entire Intake manifold off another car onto it. In doing that it now has 42lb injectors, EGR plate, and RJC power plate. I also ditched the stock MAF and put on a brand new translator and 3" MAF. the motor runs great and has good oil pressure its also super clean on the inside i seen while swapping intakes. It over fuels a little at idle, Im not sure if the MAF is good. Its one that was setting on the shelf for years. Trans is the stock 200r it pulls around fine in the back yard but Ive never taken it down the road. It DOES NOT have the 8.5 rear. Someone swapped in a 7.5. Body harness and engine harness is all there, Dash might be savable? GN column and steering wheel good for core. Im sure people will have questions as im probably forgetting things. Carfax is in the pictures below. I posted links as to not overload the thread. Also I DO NOT have a title. Price is $3000. Car is in Hartselle, AL 35640. Thanks.
Forgot to mention, Back wheels and tires don't go with it. They are not mine. I have some rollers I will throw on it.