87 GN stolen in SOUTH JERSEY!


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Nov 28, 2002
My car was stolen this morning. Its an 87 Grand National with riken replica GNX rims. Rust on left back of trunk lid. Please Help. Here is the plate and VIN:
NMP10Z 1G4GJ1178HP464018.
it has the tripple gauge pod on the A-pillar, also it has a Terry Houstan dump and an electric exhaust cutout with switch on the console, you can see it sticking out under pass door.
car recovered in WOODBINE, NJ. Looks good, just a steering column, window, and some electrical stuff. State troopers had it for weeks and the police dept. it was reported to knew nothing and did nothing. They were about to release it to someone else which is also strange.


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What was the reason just a joy ride?????

after I heard about it I went over to Gboro to check on mine.

because I still havent got it the f back!!!!!!!!!!!
A $25 collar would've prevented that. They're not foolproof, but cost a thief enough time to either get caught or forget about it. Mine (when it wasn't mine) was stolen and ultimately totaled on the joy ride. It must've taken them 30 seconds - smash the T-top and a screwdriver to the column.