87 GN with Anderson built motor - Best of everything!

Don Smith

Jan 16, 2013
I started with a 60K mile car from an original owner. It had sat since 1993 due to a bad whining the rear. After changing all the fluids, injectors, fuel pump with a hot wire kit the car started and leaked oil everywhere. I pulled the motor and researched the best GN build shop and ended up at Anderson Perf in MD. I was having the car built to be reliable and to have fun at Raceway Park in Englishtown. Once I got the car back in late fall 2017 I was informed that Raceway Park was closing for racing. :-( . While the engine was at Andersons I upgraded all four corners with QA-1 coli-overs, added the HR 0907 rear suspension package, Baer front spindles, rotors and caliphers. I added all the bracing posted on this site, rear seat, core support etc. I have spent over $23K in the engine, trans, suspension and braking systems in the last 6 months. The car has 120 miles on it since the rebuild mostly driving to work to show the guys. Its never been to a track so I have no idea what it will run the 1/4 mile. The paint is original and looks good 5 feet away but in low light you can tell its 30 years old. Pics will show it beautiful but its not in show condition. The interior looks brand new even the floor matts are original as is the spare tire. EVERY thing works. I know I'll never get close to what I spent and think this is a great price for someone looking for a high horse power dependable GN. I'm attaching the receipts from Andersons and will be happy to answer any questions except how fast is it as I only have M/T Sportsman tires on it and they break loose very easy, I also upgrade the front rims as the originals scrapped the new Baer caliphers. It has an original Skylite sun roof installed at the dealership when purchased. I have the original sales order and bill of sale with the original owner verifying the 60K is original. Car was never hit and no rust anywhere. I'll take pics of the trunk sticker and options list later tonight and attach. Asking $25K firm which I think is a fair price.


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Car dyno’ed 480 at the rear wheels on Bills Dyno. Adding interior and motor pics as soon as I can.