87 Grand National For Sale (Florida)

Hi Folks!

I just got an 03 Cobra, and I also have own a GNX Clone. I have to free up some room and I will sell my 1987 Grand National ...was wondering if anyone on here is interested. Here's what it is, and has-

It has a Brand New TE 54 Turbo
Terry Houston Down Pipe
Brand New Ported Heads with 5 Angle Racing Port Job
Brand New RJC Racing Girdle with Scraper
PTS Extreme 200r4 Transmission
Art Carr 3200 Stall Transmission
Brand New Alternator
Brand New Water Pump
Brand New Radiator
ATR Heavy Duty Sway Bar
Eaton 8.5 Inch Posi-traction Rear
Metco Upper Control Arms
ATR Lower Boxed Control Arms
ATR Center Support ( supports frame)
Kirban Raised Armrest
Seats in Very Good Condition
Buick Motorsports Billet Shifter
Turbotweak Peformance Chip

Runs Very Strong- Only Rust is a little bit on the Passenger Side Bottom of Door. Also, you can have your Choice of either American Racing Hopsters Rims, or Stock GN Rims.

Thanks a lot for the interest! Some very lucky person will have a nice GN to throw an alcohol kit on, or whatever. It really doesn't even need it in my opinion. (see pics in autotrader below) 813 928-0427
Is that actual miles on car and title. Rust on door.... on the outside or inside of the door. Do you have any pictures of the doors and typical rust areas. Please send pics to TurboBuick10@aol.com. Thank You.
pics to send

I will send pics to your e-mail.

Trust me. "Mileage is what it is, but the GN (with the parts it has on it) will sell itself..."
sold today

I sold my 87 GN Today. Sold to a neighbor just a few miles away during lunch hour.

She had a lot of nice parts, and it was a nice one for the money. He's going to make her really sweet.

Thanks a lot fellas for the interest, I really appreciate it.

anytime Ron, thank you too

I think that car suits you perfect, observing the fast bike you just let go...

keep in touch,