87 Limited...clean and lots of goodies


Hangin' and Bangin'
May 27, 2001
Well, time has come to shuffle the deck a little at my house...need to get on my TTA and make something happen with it. I bought this Limited out of Alabama in 2007 and have enjoyed driving it....car is solid, extremely solid. It is an original silver with blue cloth interior (bench, no console) car that has spent the majority of its life in Texas, short of a couple of years in Alabama.

Immediately prior to my purchase of the car, the heads were cleaned up and ported..small cam of unknown specs...and a few bolt-on items added. Along with a front-end rebuild and a respray (not of the highest quality). I had my guy here in Humble do his stock location 3" cat-back with bullet style small case mufflers. Other bolt-ons include Accufab AFPR, in-tank pump upgrade (340) and a conical K&N. I also put a CCW drag pack on the car (16x11 and 16x5.5)...which consists of CCW Classics in a polished finish. The rears are wearing MT Drag Radials and I just put two new Goodyears on the front ( a radial, not the bias ply Firestones that normally come from CCW). The front tires have about 5 miles on them. I did a 134 conversion when I first bought the car....but compressor started leaking a couple of years ago and I didn't replace it. I also did a vacuum brake conversion on the car at the same time. Also has upgraded dash and deck speakers (Boston Accoustics and Kenwood), but no deck in it currently. Just replaced the battery and hood struts as well....headliner is new and overall the interior is clean. Seats aren't torn up...a little wear on edge of the driver's seat but thats it. Could use a carpet...original one is just kinda shaggy, no holes or anything. Door panels are ok, dash is complete but split in a couple of spots. Car also has a new windshield.

The clear is fading in spots on the roof, deck and fenders....also has some dents and dings but nothing bigger than a quarter. Front bumper fillers need a repaint, car was also fitted with a GN rear spoiler set before my ownership. Windows are sluggish and the power locks are spotty. Everything else works as it should for a car that is rarely driven now. Passenger side manifold is leaking and an exhaust hanger is broken...pipes are fine, just rattles on occasion. Engine and trans are solid, a couple of small leaks from the rear main and valve cover area. Overall a solid car and a good Limited to put some time and money into.

I've been doing these a long time and always wanted a Limited....now I want a GN again, LOL. But the TTA has to be finished for Power Tour first. Any questions, send me a message and we can talk. I have lots of parts that can go with the car depending on price point (THDP, several I/C options, extra wheel well mouldings, spare BRF trans, heads, intake, etc.) Gonna start the car out at $8500...smoking deal considering the wheels and tires are a $3K upgrade.

More pics available on request.



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GLWS Kyle. Can you shoot me a pic of the RPO sticker so I can add the car to the Registry? I'm sure others would like to see what options it has as well. Thanks.