87 Protouring style White T-type for sale


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Apr 14, 2012
I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that would appreciate this car more than I do right now? This car is an absolute head turner and gets more positive attention than any other car I've ever owned and I've owned a few! I've recently purchased a second home and I wanted to give someone else the opportunity to own this incredible car if they were dying to have this exact setup but didn't want to spend the 100s of hours that I have spent to put this car together. I do not need to sell, but I am seriously testing the waters and I'm happy to keep this one forever if there isn't anyone that wants this White T-Type.

I've driven this car to car shows and placed everytime with near zero effort. It is rare to see a Turbo Buick in this condition, with this type of setup, it attracts a crowd and really blows people away. Their reactions to the car would be considered fanatical at times and they have made me blush. I've valeted this car at several fine dining restaurants and I've seen it attract a few small standing crowds against a field of Ferraris, Lambos and Porsches!

First, here is a video of the car and I encourage you to watch it in 720 HD:

The interior is a 9 of 10
The exterior is a 9 of 10

The car made 487 rwhp & 570 rwtq and is built to run on E85 at all times.


General stuff:
TE60 turbo
80lb Turbo Tweak Flow Matched Injectors
Vigilante 2800 stall converter
CAS v2 front mount intercooler (Huge and stealthy)
Transmission cooler
Performance built transmission by Jimmys in Chicago
TurboTweak E85 6.1 Wideband Chip
Power Logger linked to Caspers Fuel Transducer
E85 fuel system built with #8 teflon 811 teflone lines
Racetronix Double Pumper pumps
AEM Wideband linked to power logger
Ramchargers dual radiator fan
EGT probe and monitor
Air bag for rear springs
Pinion snubber
Drive shaft loop
Terry Houston 3 in. stainless downpipe with cut out
Front frame, Rear seat, Under hood braces
Dual ATR 3 in. stainless exhaust with stainless Dnomax mufflers (no drone!)
New paint 4/12
Stealth steel steering wheel column lock
Oil pressure, Water temp
All speakers have been replaced. Amp & 8" sub in trunk.
160 Thermo
Aluminum F-body radiator
Highway Stars fender moldings
Highway Stars ignition module and wires
Calibrated 145 mph Speedometer with new dash lights
A/C R134A Conversion all new parts, everything works perfectly and blows ICE COLD!


Wheels are custom CCW LM20s with a shot peend finish: http://www.ccwheel.com/gallery.php <my car is there under Buick / Regal / Grand National / LM20>
Suspension is SC&Cs Pro Touring system set for street driving: http://scandc.com/new/node/736
Brakes are Baer's 13" 4 piston caliper FRONT 12" 4 piston caliper REAR with a custom silver color caliper



Everything works on this car, cruise, AC, horn, etc etc etc. It's amazing, done, ready for someone to really enjoy and be proud to own as I have been. I don't have to sell the car but I'd like to know if someone out there can enjoy it more than I am today.

My asking price: $29,500.00 which is 3500 less than my Hagerty Insurance policy's stated value! :)

PM me if truly interested in the car.

PM me if you have questions about the car but do not want to buy it, I'm always here to help.
If the new owner wants a stock look I'll buy the wheels and brakes from you. :)

What suspension are you running?

Good luck with the sale!
I'd like to repeat what has been said...absolutely beautiful car. Maybe you won't sell till I can save up my allowance lol. She's a beauty!
Realistic offers being considered, not interested in trades at the moment. Thanks for the kind words everyone.
Any serious potential buyer can request additional information/pics please PM me your phone number and give me a call so we can discuss the car first.