87 T Hard Top WE4 For sale ( North Carolina)


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Apr 11, 2010
I HATE HATE HATE to sell this car.... Interior good, no rust, Paint 15 footer.. Dings, Stock Turbo, 42.5s, TT street chip (Non alc) 3"lt1 type maf + Translator. Scan master 2, Hot wire, New style "340", Billet Adj reg, X brace behind rear seat, Tires 80%, fillers replaced, Previous owner replaced engine with a gm crate motor (Thats what I was told, no paperwork though) Engine runs strong,Trans shifts firm and like it should, Pos rear, New a/c (134a), Pwr windows manual locks, Auto antenna works like it should, Tracks straight going down the road, Xtra set of gn wheels w/centers go with the car,Test pipe installed, I have original Cat for her plus a big box of paperwork and misc parts also. Car is set up to be a good dependable daily driver.
The bad... Needs a paint job, Pass side window will not roll down, Power master leaks a little but drivable, (I have a vac system replacement for it), a/c still has a small leak (3 month), Cruise cntl does not work.
I bought this car to be a cruiser for me and a backup car for my wife :rolleyes:.. But she is scared to death of it. haha.
$8900 + can be driven home.. I will post a few pics now. (Bring a lic plate... NC does not convey plates when car is sold, sorry). I am lucky I guess... I work alot, so bare with me on getting back with you. If I have left anything out just ask and I will answer as soon as I get a chance. Thanks, James ( PS>>>>RED LOOM IS GONE<<<<) haha


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More photos

Here are a few more photos and the tag.


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Yes on the steering wheel (Not in good shape), No on the Wheels. Also have a 2nd set of chrome bumpers w/aluminum frames, GN wheels/tires,GN rear spoiler, 2 front air dams, alot of paperwork, GM REGAL/GRAND NATIONAL service manuals (like the ones found at a dealerships service depts) and misc other parts.. I will post pics tomorrow of the rest that goes with car.