87 T-TYPE LTD for sale with mods

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This is one of only 1035 made in 1987 (the only turbo Regal rarer than this car is the GNX). Like most LTD's it has chrome bumpers, grill, trim and headlight bezels. Has the optional limited slip rear axle (posi) with the HD 8.5" ring & pinion, optional GN factory rear spoiler, bucket seats with floor console, P/W, P/DL, A/C, C/C, T/W, P/S, P/B, aftermarket gauges on the A-pillars and the console, aftermarket CD player. Car has been modified for light drag racing but is street driven. It's very dependable and has ice-cold AC, TE-60 turbo, biggie front mounted intercooler, biggie fuel injectors and fuel system, stainless steel no restriction 3" exhaust system, more! Please note that this car is intended for "off-street use only" (legal disclaimer - LOL)!!! Right now the boost is turned way down for "street use" and still runs like a raped ape on normal pump gas. With gas at $1.48/gal who can resist? The trans has been rebuilt and has a high stall torque converter in it with a shift kit but still has good street manners. I'm told this is an easy low 11-sec 1/4 mile car with this particular parts combo. Car is turn-key, has a clean title and a full tank of gas, and is ready to be driven to its new home. MUST SEE! Call me at 336-306-0085 from 9 AM to 11 PM for more info (DON'T EMAIL ME CUZ I DON"T USE MY COMPUTER VERY OFTEN). Serious buyers ONLY, please. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT AT ALL INTERESTED IN ANY TRADES AT THIS TIME, SO PLEASE DON'T EVEN ASK! Thank you!


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I want to trade up to an 86 or 87 GN

Hello everyone!

I have decided that I would like to trade up from my T-Type to a nice 86 or 87 GN (no T-Types). I'm not interested in any GN's that need body work or repaints. I know that I'm gonna have to add some cash to make it happen.

Your GN must be somewhere near NC or in the Southeast (unless you can bring your GN here to NC).

CAR IS SOLD - looking for 86 or 87 GN

OK folks, I SOLD this car over the weekend.

I also have a question - how the heck do I remove posts / threads from this site? I DO NOT SEE AN EDIT BUTTON.

I'm now looking for a CLEAN 86 or 87 GN. Prefer a hardtop but will consider a T-top car also. I'm not interested in any cars with rust or that need body work / repaints. I live in NC so your GN must be within a couple states from me. I don't wanna have to drive more than 6 hrs each way to get a GN. I'm looking for great deals only! Thanks!