87 t-type stall converter or shift kit


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Feb 11, 2007
I want to try to figure out if I have a stall converter or shift kit I bought car the way it is about 3 years ago, when it goes from 1st to 2nd it revs (factory tach broke no aftermarket tach) up then when it shifts it hits 2nd pretty hard then the same for 3rd no slipping I dont think, any help I will appreciate since I drive the car pretty regular now and chirpin next to a cop and when Im not tryin to aint cool.
not a good thing. sounds like transmission problems to me but give the pro's some time i am sure they will tell you the exact problem. there is a lot of good trans guys on here with the answers to everything.
A stall converter would do nothing to change the way it shifts.It would only make the shift less noticable if its very loose(slipping alot).A shift kit will make it shift harder,but it should be a quick shift.It sounds to me like you have a problem with the trans.Im not sure if somebody installed a shift kit incorrectly or a problem with the band or servo,im sure some of the trans builders on here will chime in.
It shouldn't rev any more than it does in any other gear on the shift. It should shift fast and not necessarily hard. Just like challengermike said. Some kits (B&M) only block off accumulators and make minor changes in separator plate and maybe 2 springs. A well engineered kit changes spring rates and orifice sizes to provide more flow/supply to the circuits. If you are having issues with 2nd, I would start checking that circuit. Pressure gage and drive it without abusing it and watch the gage. My 87 has a 3200 Vigilante and it acts like the stocker until you start putting the power thru it and then you notice the difference. Nice firm shift at all throtte angles.
thanks fellas I will have it checked but I did have in for other work at anderson auto in b-more and they thought it was mods done not a problem with tranny, it is just hard to get back up there to drop off car and with the race season starting up they do get busy.