87 turbo regal for trade


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Aug 26, 2003
I have an 87 white turbo regal with blue interior and t-tops for trade or sale, I am looking for a chev one ton dually truck w/ a regular bed not a flatbed. or a aluminum fishing boat.
the car needs a few things,I got it a few months ago with a bad tranny. I found a used one out of an 86 t-type and it seems to work just fine, bought an older version of turbolink(2.13) and found out the 02 sensor was bad. replaced that. I dont know how long its been like that so the cat may be bad. the rims on it are from an 84 or 85 t-type and I also have aset of centerline style rims made by modern.2 extra t-tops,tranny that was pulled out(slipped alot) rear spoiler that needs to be installed. some misc. emblems also go with it. also the power syerring unit makes a whining noise when started in the morning so I have located an extra one of those too that will also go with the car.
email me at raser05@cedarcomm.com if you would like som pics or more information. or if you want you can call me at 360-652-0228 or my cell 425-343-8585 and ask for shawn:D