87’ Turbo T-ls3 turbo swap

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I was on here last night and realize it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. I thought some of you may enjoy this project. The car started as a 60,000 mile turbo car. Pure blasphemy, I know, but yanked the 109 and installed an LS3.

The car was naturally aspirated for 25,000 miles before deciding it was too slow. Too many mods list but here’s the rundown.

-Stock heads with arp studs, BTR .660 lift platinum ls springs, ls9 multilayer head gaskets
- Johnson short travel lifters
-trunnion kit
-Holley VC’s with -10 lines for a catch can
-vibrant steam vent setup
-BTR stage 2 turbo cam
-Tial 60mm wastegate
-(2) Tial 50mm BOV’s
-ID1050X injectors
-intank Walbro 450
- Boost referenced Magnafuel 750
-10 feed to Holley Rails (-8)
-6 return with flex fuel sensor
-Alkycontrol of course
-Extreme Automatics 4L80E, triple disc lockup
-Moser 35 Spline Wavetrac 12 bolt
-NCC fab (no corners cut fab) FMIC
-alradco aluminum radiator with dual LS fans
-Setrab oil cooler
-Setrab trans cooler
-every suspension component available
-Dakota Digital Dash (analog style)
-Lier Siegler interior
-full air conditioner, ps, electric windows, etc.

i’m sure I’m leaving a ton of small details out.

Should be tuned the first week of November.


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Sweet ride an set up.ill take that Pure blasphemy engine if it's in the way[emoji1787][emoji1787]keep us posted I like the ls swaps.

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Sweet ride an set up.ill take that Pure blasphemy engine if it's in the way[emoji1787][emoji1787]keep us posted I like the ls swaps.

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While I appreciate the offer, that motor is currently getting built/upgraded with all the good parts to have as a spare for my father’s grand national! Definitely not a boat anchor. I’ve been a Buick guy since birth!
Did you have to notch the frame ?
Yessir. I really wish I had better pictures for you. I’ll post a front bumper picture of the notching that was done and all I can say is it’s the same quality. And I can post pictures of the AC compressor installed. But I’m not taking it out again. It’s tight.


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Thanks for the information. Build looks awesome.
Thanks a lot man. Any questions continue to ask.

Hot side almost done. Pics below.


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Phew, Long time no update. I’ll just leave this one picture here. Heading to the dyno two weeks from Friday, then the track.


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Looks clean, nice job. I'm interested in the results. Post up some pictures when you can, it looks like the older ones were lost when this site experienced issues.
Nice numbers, that has to be wicked on the street. Keep the info coming.
Thank you man. It makes full boost by 3200. I will be playing with the boost controller getting it dialed in. Chasing two small gremlins at the moment and then it should be done. Nothing catastrophic, still drivable, just not done done done. With all of the racing events canceled now I’m not gonna say I’ve lost motivation, but I’ve definitely lost the push to get it done as quickly as possible. One of the fuel pumps is dead. Tank is already dropped just need to swap in the new one and for some reason it won’t stay locked into fourth gear. It’s either a solenoid issue or a linkage issue. Crossing my fingers it’s a linkage issue. Definitely don’t want to drop the trans again.
For everything that was done though, those two small issues are minor in perspective. Turned out better than expected!