'87 type t low mile beauty


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I am selling my 87 Type T burgandy beauty. It has 38,000 miles and T tops, NO power locks, power windows or seats, does have a concert sound radio, tilt, cruise, AC, rear defog, 3in down pipe, hooker stainless dual exaust, performance chip, fresh show car paint due to the cracking issue these cars had, all weather strips, bumper nerfs, park lamps have been replaced with new. It has american racing rims on it but I have the original rims also that will go with it for the right price. Also have the original window sticker, all docs and floor mats. in addiation a new turbo cover, valve covers and nameplates and many other items. Price $17,500 OBO car is in michigan


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Nice Color!!!!

It Looks Like The Same Color As My '86 T-Type.....

Except In '86 They Called It Dark Red Metallic.

That Color Is 1 Of The Main Reasons Why I Bought My T-Type.

More pics as requested and make me a fair offer!!!


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No...just the same owner and pics that look-a-like:eek:..............

The car was only used for shows and the Woodward dream cruise. I have many cars in my barn and now downsizing. The pics are true to what it is right now. I will post new ones if you like!!!!!!!! That is IF you have the CASH.:biggrin::biggrin: