87 WE4 Columbus OH


Jul 17, 2005
Columbus, OH 43230

It's a 1987, 3.8L turbo v6, T-top Regal. PW, PL, IW, twilight sentinel, posi. 68xxx original miles, I'm the 3rd owner (got it with 51k.) Currently has some mild, bolt-ons, however it was absolutely bone stock when purchased, all mods have been done by me. I have every stock part taken off of the car too with the exception of the original turbo. Oil has been changed every 1k miles or every May, whichever came first since i've owned it with dino oil and ZDDP. Tranny and diff fluid replaced 2 years/1000 miles ago along with plugs.

EXTERIOR: No rust on this car. It has been garage kept 100% for at least the last 7 years, and I'm guessing its entire life (car came from michigan.) Original black paint, it's cracking on the hood, can still wax to a good shine elsewhere, but definitely a 10 foot paint job as it sits. given that it's original and 28 years old, I'd call it a 7/10. 3 of 4 bumper fillers are intact, but the paint is getting tacky and they could stand to be replaced. There is minor cosmetic damage to driver rear of car. I got rear ended in 2009 and never bothered fixing it. bumper filler is cracked, there's an egg size dent in the bumper and the taillight trim is busted. Thats it. Also, if you know how the grills on the front of a TR are supposed to work, this one is broken and you can tell. If you don't, it looks great and you'd never notice. I can explain better in person. T-Tops seal up well enough for a 28 yr old car. they leak a little bit in a monsoon or a pressurized carwash, but you'll stay dry should you get caught in a pop-up shower. Factory T turbine wheels on car, I painted them to look like 84-85 GN wheels. needs rear tires badly. I have some 5 year old BFG DR's on there now and they are hard as rocks. fronts are ok but also about 6 years old.

INTERIOR: in great shape overall with the exception of the missing headliner. TTops wreak havoc on a headliner so I removed it entirely several years ago. A/C doesn't blow cold either, needs charging. I did an 84-5 hydroboost conversion about 2 years ago as well. The brakes need bled, It drives and stops fine, but I have never been able to get more than 2-3 lbs boosting it.

MODS: (to the best of my recollection)
-Powerlogger (laptop included with car)
-A-pillar boost gauge and LC-1 Wideband
-TT chip
-50lb MSD injectors
-Hotwired Walbro 255, replaced 18 months and 300 miles ago
-comp 980 valve springs
-K&N on intake tube, no stock airbox on car
-3" LT1 MAF and MAF translator
-3.5" SS downpipe, no cat
-QTP electric cutout
-2.5" SS pypes catback
-Turbonetics equivalent of TE-44 turbo
-TTA/GNX intercooler w/ dutt neck
-Hood mounted FP gauge (easily removable)
-UMI Rear upper (not installed) and lower (installed) control arms
-Hydroboost conversion
-Kirbans "X" rear seat brace and under hood front end brace.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

I'm selling this because I don't drive it enough to justify keeping it. (Read: my wife says I never drive it so it has to go, and she's not entirely wrong 17k miles in the last 7.5 years and 14k of that was in the first 3 years.) It has been a great car for me, lots of fun, but i'm ready for something different. Price is relatively firm, I paid more than that for it in 2008, but as usual Cash is king. I look forward to answering any questions. PM me or text/call nine 3 seven - 5 seven 8 - three 6 zero 9. I'll respond within 24 hours, cant check my phone at work. Thanks,


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It's too late to edit the thread, and I swear I read the rules first too! Apologies. Most of the post was a copy/paste from craigslist.

Price is $9500.
repeat: Price is $9500

What he said ^^ don't know how many, but I can say with absolute certainty they made at least one

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You have picture of rpo sticker in the trunk??

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Must be tough to sell cars in Ohio right now....I know another guy that has been trying to sell a 28k mile Turbo T for over a month now with no luck.....
If it is still for sale in a month when I am coming to Columbus, I will take a look at it.
Phone number is 937-578-3609. Let me know closer to then. Thanks.

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