87T vs. M5


Jun 11, 2001
Was in Detroit for a family reunion and went out for a cruise with my uncle on Woodward Ave. I see a M5 going the opposite way so I quickly hook the u-turn and catch up with him. We both cme up to the lght which is red but he's behind me. Drats! We're going to end up doing a roll, which we did. I held him off as long as I could but with a short shift out of 2nd gear, I was done. I know I would have beat him in a 1/4 but oh well. I think we were well into the triple digits before he finally came around me. I guess I'll just have to turn the boost up a little more, 14-15lbs just wasn't enough. Also played with a 70 Chevelle earlier that day. I gave him a little bit of the 6 and he bit. Wanted to catch a race with him at the next light but he must have been all tuckered out. However he did give a strange look when he saw my 87T sitting on the side of him when he was giving it all he had. Can't say that I was tapped out though.