89 TTA Keys Stolen !!!!!


Jan 6, 2005
The keys to our 89 TTA were stolen, so I called the dealer to get another set made.

However, they said the keys on these cars have a chip in them, and there's 15 different chips...anybody have any ideas as to what I should do?

Dealer states labor rate on this is $30 per hour, and the car takes one hour to re-set after each key/chip has been tried.

Any and all help will definitely be appreciated!

It's not a chip it is a resistor. The VATs module looks for one of 15 resistor values when the key sweeps to start. If the incorrect resistance is read the VATs will not allow the vehicle to start and sets a timer prior to resetting. So if you insert a key with the wrong resistance and trigger VATs, even if you insert the correct resistance key it wont start until the timer resets which takes 10 to 20 minutes (not an hour).

I would have thought a dealer should be able to match the VIN to the correct key resistance through records. Otherwise they should be able to test the VATs module and determine what key to use.