9 inch rearend

Best deal I've seen...
A Quik Performance unit.
Mine is NEW housing, 35 spline axles, Yukon HD carrier & l slip, Daytona pinion support, 11" x 2 1/4" drum brakes, drain and fill plugs, jack pad, 1350 billet yoke. Was about $2200 shipped.
Thanks I price the same rearend with them yesterday but added disc brakes my total came to $3,140 before shipping but I think I'm going to go with quick also
I have a 9" ford rear end for sale. I planned on bringing it to bowling green for pick up, if sold.
Rear end, 9" ford with back brace. Black powder coat, big torino flanges.
35 spline Moser axles, 5/8 studs. Strange steel housing. 3.50 gears with spool.
Torino disk brakes with parking brake.
The rear end was purchased from a TB staff member. I picked up at GS NATS last year, along with other chassis parts. My plans changed, reason for sale.
The rear end is disassembled, center section and gears are not.
Housing, center section, axles and brakes, $2500
Won't ship, will deliver to Bowling Green as mentioned. Would consider meeting on way or before, if close. Parts are in 73115 area
Will post pictures
Lot of pics to large to post. Will work on it.
The pics are shown with HR PARTS rear sway bar and there Insane level of upper and lower control arms.
Shocks and springs are not available.

0327220744_HDR (1).jpg

9 inch rear.jpg
I would like to take it off your hands but i live in South Carolina and I just checked you're in Ok
Yes, that why I am flexible on meeting on the way to the GS Nat's, in May. South Carolina and Nashville seem the closest ?
Do you have any other parts for sale im also looking for a Solid roller Cam shaft for a stage 2 motor
Bullet cams recently ground a stage2 from another blank I had.
That's a sexy rearend you have there lol!

Strap it to a pallet and ship it to SC its really not a big deal to send truck freight these days, Dock to dock is usually reasonably priced too. FYI that center section alone is over $1600.

I could use that cam blank if its available and T Dollar passes on it.
Yes nice rear end, you should know.
Yes i am low on price.
TDOLLAR passed, he ordered a "new", one ?? Quick performance
I speaking to another guy about the blank. New guy on this board reggie0704. Hope he's not a flake?
I'll let you know if this new member passes on the blank.
I'm supposed to be getting a contact from Bullet cam, somebody else wants a cam ground.
I know Reggie0704 he is legit. Send me a txt if that blank is available.