9 sec air conditioned street car


Low on traction
Not for sure, but may be forced to sell. Read the signature and the n add about ten billion dollars of un listed stuff. Trans is still under warranty. If you are truly interested send me an email or call 574 514 2334. No PM's please.

I have no firm price yet, as this is only a last resort to get $ on my part.
Wow! 70+ emails and 11 phone calls... all for a "MAYBE"

Look, I am not trying to waiste anyones time or string you along. I may be pursuaded to sell it due to $$ problem.

Just hoping the right person sees the ad and doesn't want to wait for machine work or anything else.

Signature lists the big stuff. but here is some of what is missing from that list:

restored with the following 3 years ago PPG triple black and clear coat, fiber trunk, fiber hood, fiber bumper, new door skins OEM, new fenders and quarters OEM, new floor pans drivers and pass, windshield, all body bushings replaced, calipers, rotors and pads (often lol), power master lifetime warranty A-1 Cardone, newcarpet, dual gauge pod under radio with fuel pressure and battery voltage, GNX dash with tach, oil psi, h20 temp, fuel level, speedo, boost (30-0-30 vaccuum boost)

Last year:
Full roller billet trans by Lonnie Diers@ Extreme Automatics, 4 speed w OD, ratchet shifter (bad as hell). Trans brake
33 spline Mohser axels
trans cooler w fan
oil cooler w fan

Latest update is the addition of an Impala 140 amp generator.

The car sits on 15x10 Weld Draglites and 15x6.5 up front. Hoosiers that actually hook sit proudly on the rear.

The air is on the car but not charged.

Clarion CD/AM/FM dash unit w 6 disc changer in trunk has remote for all.

Car is not perfect, but is fully operational and set to kill.

Shortblock is good to about 1300HP

Turbo only good to about 1000HP

Trans is under warranty with Lonnie still

As far as pictures go, send me an email and I'll send em out.

As far as price goes.... well make me an offer I cannot turn down or I will just keep it.

No. I cannot lie. It has had the MPH for a 9 and the 1/8 time for one, but I was eating trannys for a long time before I met Lonnie. Also the the 10.49 was at only 12 psi, pump gas, and no boost at launch.
Well with knowing that was with only 12 psi,pump gas and no boost at launch that for sure answers my question.That is definately a deep 9 second car. :)
Car was never on eBay.

Car won't sell. Means way too much to me.

Still need cash.

Transmission, converter, driveshaft for sale. When I can afford it. I will replace them with a TH400.

Come take a ride... only take 9 seconds lol!
Sup Craig! Hows AZ? Heard you were in town, sorry I missed you. Miss Kermit? Good luck with finding one.

Sell you mine for cheap lol
Actually I miss Elmo, not Kermit. Yeah you can drive 'em year round down here
if you have a/c :wink: :biggrin: . AZ is awesome you should come down some time :cool:
Oh Yeah! forgot about the big paint job. My heap is screaming fast! It is truly obnoxious! The power band is early and long... til about 8200. It's like an on-off switch. I deserve it! I have had the recipe for along time, as you know, with no results. Find a car yet? Any leads?
Make me an offer I can't refuse ??????? :rolleyes:

Hell in that case my cars for sale too if someone will make me an offer I can't refuse. :rolleyes:

Just spit it out and tell us what you want for it. Is it for sale or not??
fast GN for sale

okay, if you want readers to make you an offer that you can not refused post photos of the car's, engine bay and underneath, this way they have an idea what to offer.