Any interest in going fast? 8 sec street car!


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Jun 18, 2001
Does anyone still like to go fast with Buicks????????????????????? When I'm talking fast I'm not talking 9's which was fast in 1995!!!!!

I am putting my car up for sale again. I am building another one and slowly accumulating two of everything. I plan to have the car at Bowling Green and Norwalk and after that it is getting parted out. I want $45k for the car with the motor that is in it. I have invested over $15k in this car since last year. Whoever buys it is getting a hell of a deal on a car that would cost twice that to replicate and I have the receipts to prove it

The cars performance speaks for itself. This is a street car and is street driven regularly. The car is rather docile to drive and not nearly as radical as most think it would be despite the cars insane performance. Racing it on the street is reserved for the completely stupid or suicidal, it has way to much power to completely open up on the street but it is still fun to argue with old geezers at the car show about how fast it is:biggrin:

To all the Johnny come lately's on the board who seem to offer there opinions and market analysis on the economy and high value cars please keep your opinions to yourself and stay out of my thread unless you have a genuine interest in the car. I have owned one of these cars since 1989, have attend most every major Buick event since 1996 and have been racing the HU Buick classes since 1998. There are few cars that this one compares and it is very rare to see one for sale.

I just fired the new motor up this weekend and plan to take all new pics this week. I had the paint touched up this winter and put new better fitting fiberglass bumpers on so the car really looks good now and has almost no flaws in the paint and arrow straight body.

Motor #1 which is in the car now




153 On center S2 4.023" bore one sleeve no repairs or damage 4 bolt front and rear 6 bolt center mains
Pistons Custom Diamond with coatings
BRAND NEW Billet 3.625 Crower crank
BRAND NEW 6.300 Crower Billet Rods
Rollmaster timing chain
Custom Extreme Automatics billet roller cam
Smith Brothers pushrods
BRAND NEW Champion GN1 Heads extensively modified with raised intake runners.
T&D shaft rockers
BRAND NEW Champion raised runner intake
70mm TB
BHJ Balancer
JW Flexplate
Powder coated champion valve covers
CAS Sheetmetal oil pan
-4an rear cyl head drain back
Duttwieller oil pump w extensive modifications and custom coatings
I am planning to keep this motor but will sell it with the car.

Motor #2
This is the motor I ran all last season we put at least 100 passes on it last year and many many runs over 165mph. The motor is freshened with new pistons and Crower billet rods. Short block is on the stand and ready to go heads are still at Champion.
153 On center one sleeve no damage or repairs. 4.030 bore roller cam bearings overall very nice block
3.590 LA Kyrpotonite billet crank std/std
BRAND NEW 6.300 Crower billet rods
Champion R cylinder heads well proven and completely gone through by Champion and rebuilt by Champion. Ferrea Super alloy exh adn int valves, no springs retainers or locks.
Ported Champion intake to match heads above
Powder coated champion valve covers
BHJ balancer
JW flexplate
MSD distributor
I am selling this motor as a complete short block with camshaft, oil pan, front cover, oil system, oil lines, timing chain, crank and water pump pullies etc. It is on the motor listed above. I do not have rockers, pushrods and lifters for this motor. Add heads intake and valvetrain and drop in car. $7500
Heads are only for sale with short block above $1500
Intake with 70mm TB and plenum, fuel rails and related hardware, $1000, only for sale with heads above.
If someone is interested in a complete motor I am willing to aquire the additional parts at the new owners expense to make the motor complete.
Parts needed: Springs, retainers, locks ~$700, Rockers, $750, Pushrods $300, Lifters, $450, gaskets $200

Fuel System:
160# injectors
Weldon regulator
Weldon 2035 Fuel pump with pre and post fliters -12 tank to pump -10 to front 2 -8 to rails with -8 return line
Triangle 10 gallon aluminum fuel cell with fuel sending unit and in dash fuel level gauge
Moroso oil accumulator
Moroso 3 vane vacuum pump with -12 lines alum reservoir and adjustable vacuum relief
(not included with roller)

Accel Gen 7 engine management with Extreme Automatics tuning
Accel WBO2 controller and internal datalogger with NTK sensor
Custom engine wiring harness for GN and above setup
MSD Distributor
Moroso wires with sleeves
Accel DFI 6A ingintion box
Accel DFI coil
Innovative MSBC complete with solenoids and CO2 and spare CO2 bottle
Electrical system
16 volt Powermater battery
16 volt powermater 140 amp altenator w volt xs regulator
Champion alt bracket
(not included with roller)

Flaming river big switch battery cutoff
Painless 50 alt relay
Gauges are all autometer phanteom and include: Electronic Speedo, tachometer, oil pressure, fuel level, boost, volts, fuel pressure, oil temp, trans temp and water temp, Harlan programable shift light. All gauges are located in the dash with custom dash panel and wiring. There has been countless hours spent on wiring this car and you will not find some rats nest behind the dash. Custom harnesses were made for the engine, dash and console switch panel. Everything has been very neatly done and everything works. Gauges include tach, speedo, fuel pressure, oil, water temp, fuel level, trans temp, oil temp, volts, boost, programable shift light


Cas custom race radiator
16" Spal fan with custom moutned shroud
(not included with roller)

B&M Mega trans cooler with -6an trans lines.
Aluminum radiator support

Headers Turbo:

Custom SS 1 5/8 headers with 4" downpipe and 2.5" crossover. Turbo is a PTE4788 billet wheel turbo with a T4 PTE turbine housing. WG is a 44mm Tial. I had this all built late last year and have over $7500 into what is listed above and only about $2500 of that was labor!!! These parts have a FIRM BIN of $7500
CAS V1 intercooler with pipes and hoses. IC is in good shape but has some battle scars on it still works fine and is one of he best IC's we've tested. $700
(not included with roller)

Extreme Automatics Stage 3 TH400
CSI carbon fiber shield
Cast alum deep oil pan
Vasco input shaft
Vasco main shaft
Billet alum Griner valve body and brake with custom Extreme automatics programing
Custom variable stall controller set to turn on and off with Accel Gen 7
Billet alum spragless direct drum
Custom 2.10 gear set
Much much more done plus some other billet parts I'me sure I've forgotten. Trans will easily hold over 2000hp
Bradco alum back half bolt together TQ converter
MW Chrome moly driveshaft
(not included with roller)

B&M shifter with custom shifter plate for console

9" Ford brack braced with powder coated housing
Strange Nodular Iron HD case (not the cheap one)
Moser 35 spline spool and axles
5/8 Wheel studs
MW billet yoke
Billet alum pinion support
3:50 street gear

Factory powermaster
Brass proportioning valve
Wilwood 10.75 lightwieght brakes
TCI line lock
11" Ford rear disk brakes I have all the parts for the e-brake but they have been removed

Front Suspension:
TRZ upper and lower control arms
S10 manual steering box
QA1 coil over kit with revalved shocks and dyno sheets
Qa1 linear rate springs (Not the stupid variable rates that come in kit)

Rear Suspension:

QA1 rear coil overs with custom valving and dyno sheets
QA1 linear rate springs
HR parts insane series UCA and LCA with 7/8" teflon rod ends, by far the nicest controls you can buy and they were a significant upgrade over the Wolfe bars that were on the car in which bent and every rod end was pretty much junk.
HR parts rear snti-roll bar

Glass hood with finished underside
Glass bumpers and bumper fillers with factory bumper strips
NOS headlight bezels and grille
Alum bumper supports
Stock wheel tubs with MILD frame notch
Roll cage Certified till 2011
RCI belts and window net
Safecraft fire supression system
Simpson Chute with removeable mount
One piece front spoiler with ram air intake

Weld magnum 15x3.5" one piece billet fronts
26" MT ET fronts
Custom 15x10" Weld magnum rears w polished centers and ARP 12pt polished SS bolts and SS recessed cap screws for rim screws
28x10.5 S MT ET slicks with tubes

Car is for sale as roller without parts listed above for $15,000. Car will fit most Buick HU (TSM, TSL,TSO) classes and has provisions to put stock style rear springs and shocks back on if rear coilovers are not allowed. It is a well proven chassis and 60's in the high 1.20's on drag radials pretty consistantly. I will be selling the roller with the 28x10.5 stiff sidewall slicks. The paint and body are arrow straight and could be proudly displayed in a show. I just had it freshened up this winter adn a bunch of little problems with it fixed. I even replaced the fiberglass bumpers with better fitting ones and got rid of the POS Danko crap that was on there. Interior is mostly stock appearing and in excellent shape. The car only has 34k miles and is very very clean. The windshield is new and it has a new 1 pieces ABS headliner in it that was put in last year so there are no worries about it sagging or falling down with the roll cage.

This car has been a labor of love and I will miss it when it is gone but I am wanting to go Outlaw drag radial racing and would have to really cut this car up in order to be competitive. My other car is now a rolling chassis and i really need to make room. I will entertain trades but absolutley NOT looking for any race cars or projects. Low mile unmodified TTA, GN's GNX's 2008 or newer SUV's or a 2009 Cadilliac CTS-V I am willing to trade up.
Bump for a nice guy and an awesome car! Wish I had the money Chris, but my wife says I can't use my retirement! I"ll see you in BG, if your going. Phil.

This is not directed at the last post, this is a post being made by me just saying please if your not seriously interested in Chris's car just do not comment.

This beautiful piece was offered here last summer and so many people made comments not even remotely relevant to the actual sale of the car.

So out of common curtousy please do not trash the thread,

Thanks in advance,

Rare opportunity to own a severely BAD A$$ car! Good luck trying to build one like it for that price. Good luck on the sale brother!
this car is no joke. Its looks the part, race and show and built with only the best parts. Chris doesnt waste any time. Good luck,
Car is sold!! New owner is picking it next Sat. It is staying together and going to a good home. Motor #2 also has a deal pending.

Coming soon to an ODR race near you:eek:


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Congrats! Someone just paid half of what it would cost to build that one. Nice.