92 Stealth RT twin turbo; 1837 original miles


The end is fear
The car is emerald green pearl metallic with a bone leather interior. The car looks and smells exactly as it did sitting on the original Dodge dealer's showroom floor. This one owner car was purchased for $41,000 back in 1992. Owner runs a limo business and was never in the car to enjoy it. Never modified in any way; only add-on is window tint. Will be on ebay soon, but if you're interested in the car, please let me know.
Would you be interested in a 95 Z 6-Speed for a trade on one of your other cars?
I am going to post details on it in a seperate thread. Let me know.
No thanks. I've taken enough beatings with F-bodys for awhile. Good luck with yours, however, and if you sell it and want to talk about one of my cars at that point, email or PM me. Thanks.