A/C Performance?


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My A/C doesnt work in my 87 GN with 120,000 miles, not a big deal for me, it has windows. But i have been told a few times that a working A/C has performance gains? i wasnt sure if this was true, or how much affect it could have on my performance? please help me with this, becuase i was not planing on fixing the A/C for a while, but if it causes performance issues then i will get it fixed, thanks for your time
AC doesn't add any performance.....when the compressor is running, it is using horsepower. The AC compressor is just one more load on the engine! On the other hand, open windows let in air which causes drag(kind of like a tailgate on a pickup). So, if you want performance, keep the windows rolled up and the AC off(kind of hard in the summer). So, its basically a tradeoff.
I forgot to mention that most race cars have their AC systems completely REMOVED! That sheds some weight. If AC added performance, the guys would keep their systems and ride in comfort.

The air conditioning in your car has two performance enhancing qualities.First, it keeps the driver cool, so he(or she) can do a proper job of driving the car, and second, it gives guys like me, who fix automotive a/c systems,a steady line of work. I don't think your car will really run faster as a result of this, but it makes me happy to work on it. So ,you see that it is a simple situation. I'd fix it, if I was you. Did I mention resale? Very important. Good luck! Dale
Your A/C helps remove the condensation from your windows in the winter when it is cold or really humid. If you turn on your defroster you will notice the compressor clutch kick in.