A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 16


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May 24, 2001
"Come into my parlor", said the spider to the fly...

Dan walked out of the building followed by yet another one of Megan’s boys. He walked with Dan over to the Buick and stopped just short of it to look the car over.

“You know, I’ve heard about these things – the GNX’s – most when I was growing up. I was 9 when this car was made. I just don’t see why everybody says they’re such a badass. It looks like a shoebox and can’t be any sort of chick magnet.”

Somehow, Dan found what he said funny, in spite of the predicament he was in.

“So, what exactly kind of car do you like?”

Dan was halfheartedly trying to engage the guy, hoping for something that might give him an idea.

“Man, I’m a Camaro guy myself. I’ve got a really badass V-6 with an exhaust off of a LS1 Z/28, some dubs and ultra low profile tires, and a killer Alpine setup with Polk speakers. Plus, I put new Accel Yellow Wires on it and tinted the windows. I would love to run up against one of these babies on the street – you know, V6 against V6 and all. Sorry man, I forgot your name – I’m Dustin.” No hand extended but none was expected given the situation.

Dan realized the guy was dead serious. If the guy had been listening really hard, he might have been able to hear Dan’s eyes roll.

“Well, Dustin, I’m Dan. Not necessarily nice to meet you like this you know. And yeah, that would be interesting all right, your car against mine. Maybe someday we’ll cross paths again – under different circumstances and all and you’ll get your chance and I’ll get mine.” Dan emphasized the last three words probably a little more than he wanted to but he had lived the knowledge that this ‘kid’ could only dream about.

Changing subjects, Dustin spoke again. “Dan, hope you do ok in the race. That black car in there – the Marauder – is DEFINITELY sick. I’ve seen it pull the wheels out here on the track. I don’t know if you saw them or not but there are wheelie bars on it now. I really don’t think you’ll have a prayer here, Dan. No offense or anything”

I guess I didn’t see that after all. Must have been thinking about something more important like saving my ass than looking at bolt-ons… Something once more Dan decided that was just better left unspoken.

Dustin left just as Dan opened the door to the X. The key was still in the ignition so he was greeted not only with the warm glow from the dome lamp but the chime reminding him to take out the key. Oddly, they both gave him some hope but he just couldn’t figure out why…

Megan and Sally were sitting in the office. The window behind Megan’s desk afforded a clear view of building’s contents and now that all the lights were on, Sally could see that there were several cars of various makes and vintages in the building. One that caught her eye was a yellow Enzo Ferarri.

“I didn’t think they were bringing that car – the Enzo – to the States?” she half stated, half asked, while pointing in the general direction of the million dollar exotic.

“Well, initially they weren’t – but I got one. It’s nice to have connections you know. Actually, it’s just in storage here – like a few more of them are – for a plastic surgeon from Jersey. Guess he gets a lot of work out there. Must be a bunch of UGLY people huh? Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Megan looked up from the folder she was looking at as she laughed – it was a secret document that Sally had gotten for her from Dan’s file regarding his company’s holdings. Had she been able to provide for Megan the numbers and passwords needed, there was a good chance that Dan would have already been dead and Carl would never had been grabbed.

“You know Sally, I was really surprised that day you and I talked, especially after what you told me! I guess no one ever really knows a person until it comes around to money, now do they?”

Megan smiled at Sally but had an odd glint in her eye that Sally didn’t understand but she chose to ignore it. Changing directions, she scooted her chair up closer to Megan’s desk.

“You’re going to kill him right? Both of them? Isn’t that what you told me? I don’t think we should leave any chance of discovery like you said.”

Megan put down the folder, rose from her chair and came around to kneel beside Sally’s chair. Reaching up with her right hand, she brushed a lock of hair from Sally’s forehead and smiled.

“Sally, you don’t have to worry. When Dan gets to the end of the track, Harry has got a little surprise waiting for him and that car of his. And as far as Carl goes, let’s just say that I hope he can swim with cement shoes. We’re going to drop him off at the lake after we leave here.”

She paused for moment to ponder her pun.

“Drop him off! I said ‘Drop’ – I slay me, I’m so funny! That’s a good one! Hey – I’ve been meaning to ask YOU something… what was the ‘Sweet Dreams’ remark you said to Dan as he left supposed to mean?”

With the evilest of grins she smiled. “Oh, nothing really… just something Dan used to say to me before we would go to sleep at night. I thought it was appropriate since he’s getting ready to, you know, go to sleep so to speak!” Megan liked the answer and grinned.

Sally laughed heartily and then reached over to hug Megan. Megan’s face was next to hers and she slowly turned it facing Sally’s. Their lips were less than an inch apart, their breath hot on the other’s face. Slowly, Megan placed her lips on Sally’s and pulled her hard against her. Reaching out with her long left leg, Megan kicked the door shut. Now, it was just Sally and Megan alone in the office.

Megan reached over and locked the door and then pulled the vertical blinds shut. Sally was standing now too, watching every move of Megan’s and breathing hard – she wasn’t sure if she could go THIS far, but it was too late to back out now…

Megan pulled her sweater over her head revealing her ample cleavage and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Come here Sally, I’ve got something I think you’ll like….”

Dan was sitting in the X in the left lane – no reason to have picked it he decided, it just felt luckier - just ahead of the burnout box with his mind racing furiously in an attempt to get a handle on the situation. His options were essentially none and he knew it. Megan knew it, Sally knew it and Harry knew it. Hell, even Dustin knew it – he could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. The night had never been so dark.

He could smell peaches – so strong was the scent that he at first thought it was an air freshener he had left in the car. But it wasn’t – the smell was outside and was coming through the vents of the car. Reaching over with his right hand, he slid the Heat/AC controller to the left and into the “Off” position. The fan was already at the “Low” position but he was getting tired of smelling peaches. He watched as Dustin was putting some water down in the box from the green hose and shiny silver nozzle. The tree was lit, the track tarps were gone, the track lights were all on and he even could clearly see the boards 1320 feet away, although it WAS beginning to look and feel like a fog could roll in anytime. His watch ticked loudly in his ear – time was disappearing fast. Way too fast…

The rumble of an open exhaust V8 could be heard now over the sound of the X. In his rear view mirror, he could see a car approaching the staging area – it was the real ANNIL8R – the one from the building. THIS car was definitely different from the one he had just ran (and beaten) a few hours before. Its exhaust note had the unmistakable tone of a blown and heavily force fed motor. If he didn’t know better, he would have sworn it sounded almost like a muffled fueler – if that was even possible. What was it that Dustin had told him? The other one had Turbos – this car had a big Roots blower on it?

He had to admit – for just a second there, it was nice to think about cars and racing. Not the fact that in all likelihood he would be dead in minutes – unless he could come up with a plan.

In seconds, both cars had pulled into the water boxes and did their burnouts to warm their tires. And even though ANNIL8R’s exhaust was L-O-U-D, nothing sounded as good to Dan as the sound of the motor in the X. Harry pulled to the line ahead of Dan. Oddly, Dan DID notice the wheelie bars.

I guess you were right after all, Dustin… guess I never noticed them before.

Both cars were up to the first light. Dan didn’t even know if it was going to be a Pro Tree or regular…

Once more, something I should have been told about – YESTERDAY!, he thought in his best Adam Sandler voice.

It was too late to change things now. In less than 10 seconds, he better have a plan because the first
‘Staged amber just went –


His transbrake was set and he was up against the converter fully. Harry was essentially in the same position, waiting for the Pro light –

*BLINK!!!* All three ambers lit!!!

Dan’s reactions were good enough to see that he had to launch immediately. But he could also hear that Harry had gotten the jump on him. Not by much – but some. Glancing at the boards down the track he saw the R/T’s - .52 for him; .49 for Harry.

Not bad Danny boy… not bad at all for not knowing which damn tree you were facing…

Both cars hooked hard. Dan could tell that the VHT was ripe and the track was warm, in spite of the slight misty fog that seemed to have just become visible seconds before they launched. The glare in the headlights made an eerie glow and actually seemed to get heavier with each second.

Now that’s a fast moving fog… Probably another one of Megan’s tricks… Then, he had to acknowledge that for as much as Megan was a control freak, Mother Nature was out of her league…

They passed the eighth mile with Harry holding a half car length lead and ever so slightly gaining. The roar of both exhausts startle the nightlife surrounding the abandoned strip/race track. A huge owl swooped down out of a century old Oak causing droplets of moisture from the shaken limbs to patter on the leaves below. A raccoon scurrying along the ground with a rotting peach in his left from paw, stopped just outside of the cyclone fence and watched with interest as the two NOISY monsters passed him by, perhaps wondering where THEY were going in such a hurry. At least he had his peach… off into the thickening fog he went.

Damn! This FOG is unbelievable! IF Harry wasn’t beside me, I don’t know if I could even see him! How did it fall so fast???.....

Dan felt beads of sweat on his brow as the finish line was drawing nearer, although he was pretty sure he was side by side with the Merc but not sure when that happened. ANNIL8R’s roar was deafening, even with the blower, almost taunting him like some half visible psycho with a scream of impending death to the listener. He knew he was about out of track and time both – it was now or never. Either the X had the balls – or it didn’t…

Megan embraced Sally and backed up against the desk, nearly knocking Sally’s purse off. It fell to its side and gaped open as their bodies were pressed hard together, their kisses deep and lingering. Sally was leaning Megan against the desk and her hand slid over to her purse, looking for that special object she had brought along if this situation would present itself. Reaching inside, she found it and it felt cool and smooth in her hand. She continued kissing Megan passionately, her left hand pulling Megan’s face into hers.

She brought her right hand up alongside Megan’s bare skin and slid the object up her side. Megan grinned, even in the midst of kissing, thinking of the pleasures that were about to come -

Until she heard the click of the safety being toggled to “Fire” on the Desert Eagle now pressed against her left temple. The kissing stopped as did the fondling. The mood was definitely lost…

Sally stepped back and pointed the .357 Magnum squarely at Megan’s chest, the smooth blue steel of the barrel reflecting the fluorescent lights above, the hum from those same lights now oddly very loud. Megan spoke first…

“I should have known. You want it all don’t you? You realized how easy this was going to be and now you don’t want to share – you just want it all. You selfish, arrogant BITCH!” But Megan wasn’t nearly as angry as she sounded. She stood up and began to step towards Sally. Outside, they could hear the exhaust of the cars, knowing that the race was now in full progress.

“Don’t move another step Megan or I swear to God, I will blow your chest wide open.” Sally sounded a lot more convincing than she felt.

COULD I really do it? Could I kill her here if I have to? Yessss… I believe I can…”

Sally’s finger tightened on the trigger. Megan kept moving closer, barely an arms length separated them now.

“You don’t have the nerve, Sally. C’mon – you’re not a killer. Tell you what – just put down that gun and I’ll forget all about this little tiff we had. We can still do it just like you said at first – 50/50. C’mon… put it down… just… put… it… down…”

Suddenly, a door slammed from somewhere else in the building, diverting Sally’s attention for just a nano second. It was all the opening that Megan needed and she took it.

Kicking high and hard, she knocked the gun from Sally’s hand. Half nude or not, killing Sally was now the only thing on her mind.
“And why not? She was going ME, right? Serves the bitch right – I’ll just take it ALL!”, she thought.

Sally’s forearm nearly snapped from the force of the kick. As she felt the gun fly out of her hand, she barely had time to cover her face from the return kick Megan aimed at the side of her hand. Fortunately, Sally deflected it or she would have been unconscious.

But at the same time Megan had her stunningly powerful left leg high in the air intent, on knocking Sally out of the fight, she made herself vulnerable. And Sally was too well trained to not see the opportunity.

Ducking beneath the deflected kick, Sally lunged into Megan hitting her hard with her left hook straight in Megan’s stomach.

“OOOMPH!!!” The air left Megan’s lungs from the sharp up thrust to the diaphragm that caused her breasts to heave and sent doubling her over. It was the opening that Sally was looking for.

As Megan’s face came down, the pain evident on it as she fought to regain her breath, Sally’s right fist was coming up and caught Megan squarely in the nose. The hit forced her back over backwards and down to the floor with a plop like wet cement. Immediately, blood spurted from both nostrils and Megan’s eyes were watering furiously. Sally pounced on her again and struck her hard with her left fist on the jaw, knocking Megan out cold, her head to the side with a bloody broken nose.

Sally jumped up quickly and grabbed Zip Strips from her purse. She rolled the still unconscious woman over and began binding her wrists behind her back and then her ankles with the plastic ties. Using two long strips, she tied the two bindings together. Standing up she heard the shifts from the cars, realizing that she must have just heard the 3-4 shifts since the volume was fading fast.

Grabbing some Kleenex from Megan’s desk, she daubed at the bloody knuckles and then found two red shop towels to wrap them in. They hurt bad but she couldn’t wait – the race was about over and she had to move fast to finish her deeds.

Reaching into her purse, she picked up the small two way radio. Depressing the Talk button, she spoke.

“Nightsounds are the best sounds.”

Beneath the driver’s seat and fastened to the seat rail with gray duct tape, a red ‘RCV’ light illuminated and the UHF radio strapped there and carried Sally’s voice to any who would be listening. Above the roar of the exhaust as the X crossed the finish line in the soupy fog, Dan heard Sally’s voice.

Interesting… very interesting…

To be continued…
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