A few cool pics of the WE4


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I went down tonight to check on the progress of the car as it nears completion.
3 of 4 steps in the buff and polish process are complete...I asked him to hold off
on the last and to leave the front bumper, grill, wheel houses out so it will make my
reassembly and down pipe/ innercooler construction easier and once all of the
mechanical/electrical is done I will take it back for final polish..

The car next to it is a Detamoso Mangusta....most car guys know of the pantera,
and the mangusta is a lesser known brother.....I actually watched the young craftsman/fabricator
as he hand built the headers for the rear mounted engine...a bundle of snakes comes to mind...

They do some really cool builds here and anyone in the ohio,indianna, kentucky
area that is looking for a shop to do some top shelf work on a vehicle should consider
these guys.......World Class Finish....the best of the best.


FullSizeRender.jpg ===.jpg lplp.jpg njhj.jpg lokj (3).jpg odgh.jpg 000 (2).jpg
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Looks like you did good to get yours painted with all of the other projects going on at that shop. You evidently found a good shop......a lot of restoration shops seem to take big deposits/draws on jobs and never make any real progress on them.

So now that you have a clean roller what's the plan?