First time on the dyno with the Buick!


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May 23, 2021
I've been wanting to dyno the 86 GN and get an idea of where the peak power was and how far I could push this old TA60 Turbo and where it stopped making power. So I paid a visit to the dyno on Friday and I was pleased with how it did. Mods are in my sig. This was on E85, which I confirmed the day of the dyno that our local pump was giving me 85% and it was.

Typically I drive around on the street at 27-28 psi, which netted me 440 at the wheels on my first pull. Unfortunately the dyno was able to read engine RPM at low engine speeds, but during all the pulls the RPM signal went wonky so the owner of the dyno used MPH and didn't show the TQ overlay because it was a choppy line, which he said was from not getting a clean RPM signal from #1 plug wire. I'm not familiar with dyno's so I was OK with it as long as I was getting repeatable results and I could make changes and see the differences each change made.

I slowly worked my way to 32 psi where it seemed to produce no additional boost and my waste gate was as tight as I could get it. Timing was Eric's default setting at 18 degrees and my AFR was 10.8. At 32 psi it put down 465 at the wheels. The next pull I leaned out the AFR to 11.1 which bumped it to 471 at the wheels. I didn't want to get greedy and increase ignition timing, plus I'm still learning out to read plugs. The car had already exceeded my expectations, so I gave it 1/2hr cool down for one final pull. The final pull was 477 at the wheels, which I assume the small gain was from the longer cool down.

The 1/4 mile track opens in 2 weeks and I'm thinking it may be possible to run a 6.9 1/8 and maybe a 10.99 1/4 if the weather cooperates and I push the boost. Last fall I was running the 1/8th and wasn't concerned with 1/4 mile times, just focusing on the 1/8th. The car was running 7.1's and I had the Comp 980 valve springs in it then, it was definitely laying over at about 4800 RPM and increasing boost from 28 to 30 gave me no additional MPH, which I blame on the springs. Over the winter I put in a set of Comp 981's and the engine feels way stronger and pulls well past 5000 RPM now and I saw increased HP with the boost raised above 28 psi.

With those changes I hope my goals are hit in a few weeks.......

Just wanted to share. I'm still new to these cars and learning!

Video of the final pull

Dyno graph 1.jpg

dyno graph 2.jpg

The local 1/4 mile is not open yet, but an 1/8th mile was open last night, the air here was exceptional so I decided to go. Ran a new best with the car. First pass was a 6.99@97.51 with an easy launch. The car was hooking well so I got more aggressive with the launch and tuning. Ended up with a best of 6.80@99.38mph and a 60' of 1.51

Once the sun goes down I always have trouble hooking up, seems like the moisture becomes and an issue as the track is in a river bottom. So I wasn't able to duplicate the 1.51 60' again, but ended up running two 6.9's and two 6.8's.

Best pass of the night on the right. I think she can run a 10 in good air........
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A little late but pretty impressive. I tried to run my car on a dyno when I lived in NH and the operator had a helluva time getting any numbers that meant anything. I believe he was having RPM pickup trouble too. I think he had a DynomMite dyno, or something like that. My guess is it has to do with the waste spark system originally used on TR's. Each plug fires twice during a cycle. Once on compression and once on the exhaust. Big spark, little spark, I think. I always wanted to run my car on a dyno where they knew how to run TR's.