A few goodies for sale or Trade

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Most readers know the drill. Its best to email me direct denniskirban@yahoo.com with the number/letter code of the part you are interested in. I do paypal only. PA residents must add 6% sales tax. Prices include shipping as noted by each item. I don't mess with photos descriptions are accurate. In the spirit of the season I will consider partial trades where noted as a realize money can be tight with the upcoming holidays. Shipping is included based on ground shipping to any of the basic 48 states.

Here goes:

12-A I got one good used tested original GM brake accumulator bowl. Nice looking has yellow wording on it. Price is $55.

12-B Similar to above only its a good used Cardone reproduction brake bowl. I got 2 to sell. New ones retail for $200. Own one of these for $55. Cardone bowls have been virtually trouble free since they made them 4-5 years. Country of origin is Germany!!!

12-C Rare item a pair of used aluminum brake drums. Had them cut and blasted and sprayed silver so they look as close to new as you can find. They have plenty of meat left on them and legal for PA highways. I spent $65 having them turned and blasted. Own this set for $165. Very hard to find and cuts rotating weight.

12-D I have a very very nice matched set of 4 1986-1987 GN wheels. No curb rash no wheel weigh marks no tire machine marks. Chrome is absolutely bright throughout. The black paint is lacking in a few areas in the slots. All came off the same car. No sun exposure. Price for the set of 4 bare wheels is $699. We would consider interesting trades or partial trades in the spirit of the season.

12-E Or in the spirit of the season buy the aluminum drums and the set of 4 GN wheels describer above for $799.

12-F For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal with a blue interior I have a good used pair of blue sun visors with the factory stick on mirror on the passenger visor. Complete with the chrome brackets. The drivers side visor is slightly marked on the side you would not see when its in the up position. Passenger side is mint.
Price for the pair as described is $26.

12-G Packaged Deal: A good used flip down stay down license plate bracket and correct good used Made in England radiator cap $28.

12-H Packaged Deal: A correct used mint rear view mirror and flip down license plate bracket both for $32.00.

12-J Packaged Deal: A good used correct mint rear view mirror and flip down stay down license plate bracket and correct good used Made in England radiator cap $36.00

12-K For any 1984-1987 Turbo Regal I got a set of the original radio wire leads cut about 2-3 inches back includes antenna lead in other words if you have an aftermarket radio in your Turbo Regal and wires were cut I have the correct connectors to plug a factory radio in your car. I have 2 sets. Price per set is $16.

12-L For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal I have the plastic round cap that snaps over the EGR valve gizmo.
Price is $16 each. I got 2 of them.

12-P From ASC and the GNX project a I have an original film strip shows the prototype GNX in motion film strip has 6 photos on it. All look the same. You can own the strip and get prints made. This is the real deal. Young people may not remember film stripes but that is what was used in the 1980s. Price is $30 for a single strip that has 6 photos on it. I got 3 strips to sell.

12-R For the 1986-1987 Grand National I have a refurbished grey third brake lite the two plastic halves new bulb in a good socket and a good red lens and rubber shield. All you need to add is your plastic base part. Price is $21.00. I have 4 of them. Again its everything redone looking brand new minus your plastic base.

12-S Packaged deal: Two of our DVDs are just about sold out. I got 4 left. That basically means these two DVDs were extremely good sellers. One was produced in 1996 and the other in 2006 when I was younger. Neither is on our website. One is The Proper method for painting a turbo regal. SHows my son doing my 3rd test car the blue 87 Turbo-T which has a good bit of humor on it. As a bonus on this DVD shows rare footage of the original Hurst hemi Under Glass doing test runs at the Hurst plant in 1965 and also the Jet powered limo that my son painted. The other DVD is entitled Guide to Buick Turbo Regal Parts Hints and featured cars. Filmed in 1996 shows our original 87 GN test car that went to Hawaii and the rare 86 LeSabre GN we owned and our rare 87 Limited Turbo-T plus highlights from 10 other cars and some of our parts. This was back when I had 5-6 cars around for sale. Both DVDs run about 60 mins each. I only got 4 left of each. Price per set is $28.

Again in quick review its best to email me direct denniskirban@yahoo.com with your wishes rather than post your requests here. Paypal once I confirm I have the item still available. Most of our items sell rather quickly.

A reminder our new winter office hours is 9 am until 4:30 eastern time. The company we are buying the multi function jump starter kits from has granted our company exclusive rights for the US. That means the unit we sell is only available from us. We will soon have a smaller one available that virtually will fit in your shirt pocket. We just worked with them to redesign their exterior package making it more retail friendly for the US market. While many versions exist keep in mind ours cranks out 250 and 500 amps. Most only put out 200/400. We are seeking distributors for this product. We have another order due in before Christmas.