A few quick questions...


R.I.P. Lethal GN
May 26, 2001
The guy rebuilding my engine had a few questions that I don't think he had answered yet. The main was whether the 20 degree marking on the chip meant 20 degrees total timing, during WOT or idle or what? He was supposed to e-mail Mike Licht because it was one of his old MM street chips. The second question he had was about fuel pressure. He wasn't sure how the fuel pressure was upped to compensate for boost. I told him @ a pound of fuel pressure for each additional pound of boost was added but he asked whether the chip made it do that or boost pressure. He said he didn't think the regulator did it by itself. I told him he was the mechanic, but I'd try and find out anyways. Can anyone answer these?
The 20* timing will be the timing at WOT. The fuel pressure should track the boost pound for pound. So if you have your fuel pressure set to 45lb static (line off) and your boost set at 15lbs your WOT fuel pressure should be 60lbs. I assume boost pressure raises the fuel pressure. HTH
The FP is altered by the boost/vac referenced fuel pressure regulator... typical for a forced induction system. That function is not tracked by the ECM/chip.

BADINBLACK6, nice MPH. You might want to think about more injector. :) What's your INJ DC%?
Thanks for the responses. One last question. What is "the code" you are supposed to have for the faster update of the Scanmaster? What do you gain or lose from updating it? Thanks again.