A GMC......Arcadia.......Really??


May 8, 2011
My two friends and I were headed back to my house after having dinner at a new brewery downtown. We got stopped by a light about 2 miles from home, the fun thing about this light is its a two lane rapid incline road that narrows to one lane about 2000 ft. from the light, when I come home from work I love to bomb up it in the right lane and stretch the ol' girls legs... She knows the road well. Anyway we came to a stop in the left lane (the right lane is the one that ends at the top) and up rolls a 2010 GMC Arcadia with an older Asian gentlemen at the wheel, for some reason or another he gave me the stink eye. I have 2% limo tint all the way around so there is no way in hell he could see us. I was confused at his gesture of a clear stink eye so I continued to watch him, he then proceeded to fiddle with something on the center console, I would assume he shifted to the manual shift option. Both of our eyes went front as the light shifted to green. I gave the tires a little bark into second and noticed he just rolled through the intersection so I was ready to be done with the situation until I see the nose of the Arcadia come past my right front side and simultaneously my friend Cal (sitting shotgun) yells "AUSTIN!!! KILL HIM!!" before he finished the sentence Black Beauty downshifted and threw us back into our seats and the back end skipped out a bit and it was a foot race, he hung with me longer then I liked, but i could hear his 288HP (courtesy of Motortrend) screaming away. As we reached the cusp of the lane merge, my friend Ryan (sitting in the middle of the back seat) screams like a girl "WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!" BOOM! Black Beauty shifted and it was all over as I raced away from him. Not your typical kill story but fun none the less... I need more go fast :)
Nothing much yet, just some things from the previous owner and a few things I've done. Trying to green up other things prior to go fast stuff. Anyway, I replaced the stock turbo with a TA-49 with stock waste gate actuator, new cam, lifter, springs on the 76,xxx mile motor, blue top injectors, new kirbans adjustable fuel regulator. I may have given the guy a little more credit than what he deserved, but oh well haha
He was just trying to get around you and be in front after the light changed. Stupid phucks do that all the time where I live. I like to be the lead car at the light in the lane that doesn't end and hang with the first two idiots the whole way until the lane ends and run their dumb asses off the road or make them stop.

They always nail it when it turns green and then get really surprised when they can't get around me (I'm usually in my TBSS) and really pissed too. :)

Everyone is a race car driver on the roads now. It makes me crazy!!!

I have a road rage issue and I recognize that fully. :eek:
288HP GMC Arcadia, sounds like a 16 sec vehicle to me. My Rainier is 325HP and is a low 15. You should have spanked him worse?
any car will mess with you just so they can see your TB run

I only succumbed to that once a few years ago. Not worth the ticket. You must have some serious horsepower to get me to have the alky kick in. Nothing but rice around here mostly, 2 or 3 real tuners but they have seen the T at the track and know what it can do. Had a CRX with a huge inter-cooler sticking out the front try to entice me a few months ago, he was respectable when he gassed on it after I refused to engage in front of this huge shopping plaza with vehicles everywhere pulling out. But it was comical how he over-boosted before every shift with the popping and back fires trying to impress me. I'm thinking how many times a year you put head gaskets in?