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Well I finally blew my first head gasket last weekend and am curious on what you guys think I should do now. Ill give you a little background I purchased the car from a lady who was original owner the car currently has 150,000 when I got the car it had no rear leak at all and was pretty much stock with some exceptions.It has great oil pressure at idle. cars hot and pressure is at 20-22 in park and 18-20 in drive even after the headgasket went pressure was the same.So the question is just do a replacement on the gaskets or do a complete rebuild? some say to just do the following, rjc head gasket,valve springs,timing chain and call it a day.So what is your opinions it doesnt matter much to me eaither way just want to know what you would do if it were you.... thanks in advance..I am worried of one thing,once you take a complete engine apart for one problem you may create others in addition..but thats my 02...
When it blew, did you get milkshake and immediately change the oil with the coolant drained?
Or did you get lucky and only blow into the intake valley?

If you got milkshake (oil and coolant mixed) and havent done anything with it for awhile, then your going to need new bearings.

If you got lucky and only blew into the intake area and didnt create a milkshake, then i would do the rjc head gaskets, timing change and new valves springs. I would also pull the oil pan and clean it out if you get a chance.

If you need to rebuild it, rering the original pistons, new cam bearings, rod and main bearings rear main seal,timing chain ect. Polish the crank and put it back together the way you took it apart. Buy new arp head bolts.
Thanks that was what I was wanting to hear,I didnt get milkshake and there is no water in the oil that I can see from the dip stick.oil still looks normal (no bubbles) I am leaking coolant from somewhere near the valve cover or head gasket havent really looked as of yet.A friend was with me when it blew,he also has a buick and has blown 2 gaskets and he is pretty sure it blew outward and not inward if that makes any sense to you..It did spray oil all over the engine. looks a little messy :( could be coolant also again Ive been working alot and havent been able to take a close look yet..
Its fine, sounds like the fire ring blew on one of the cylinders up under the intake manifold and blew oil everywhere.
Thats the lucky way of it happening.
Pull the intake off and you will see where the headgasket has pushed out from between the block and head.
Fire ring ?? :confused: not to be complicated but is that going to have to be replaced also ...what exactly is its function...sorry for the stupid questions..
The firering is part of your headgasket..sorry to confuse you.
It seals in the compression, you will see it once you take the intake off.
Depending on you goals, with the heads off you may want to consider getting them ported or getting new heads.
If we are talking about the original stock HG's then I disagree that blowing it to the inside is best way to have it happen...blowing it to the outside is the best IMO...reason being when those OEM gaskets blow little particles of graphite go everywhere...to the outside none of it gets into the engine but when it blows to the inside that crap gets into every part of the engine including oil passages...bearings...etc...and can cause damage if not cleaned out properly...BTDT...that's why I will never run a graphite type gasket again...sorry if this is something you didn't want to hear but if the HG's are originals I would pull the motor and at least take it apart and clean/check everything...
I guess your right, i just have never seen or heard of a stock headgasket blowing to the outside toward the header......Im sure someone has done it, but i personally have never seen it.