A Marine's Vigil

ANYONE of the 39 who want a challenge me and have the balls to go toe too toe. BRING it on! I will commence an a$$ kicking like you have never received before. DO NOT DISRESPECT the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.
I couldn't imagine a more American image...that was inspiring.

F**k I miss the Marine Corps!
I have two going in the Marines My little girls leaves Nov.15 for Boot Camp. My son does not have a date yet.This is his last year of school.He is Taking the asvab next week.
Seeing that made my heart swell. And my eyes teared up. And God Bless The United States Marine Corps. I'm so damn proud of each and everyone of them. Always will be. Where would this country be without them?

Man, I love those guys. I've admired them ALL of my life.

Bruce '87 Grand National