A T-link file of an untuned car.

Crazy D

Resident Madcap
May 26, 2001
Well, here's a tlink file of one of the runs I did with my new TE-44/009's/dp. I'm going to the track next Sat and would like to be in the best condition I can be in (especially since I've never gone so crappy driver is gonna drag my times down):


Boost gauge pegged at only 15-16, but I was hitting 5 KR (or 6 in this run) regularly. FP was at 42.5 vacuum off. Not sure if my 02 sensor's good. Gas was regular crap 92 premium. Red's chip 93. I have a 100 I may use at the track. The first second or so of the file is me "leaving". That's in quotes because I was spinning the radials pretty good, and I had to let up just to get straight and going. Started moving at 2psi, and by 5 I was all over. Err... I need slicks. I didn't even get to the top of 3rd, and I didn't know my RPM's (stupid tach doesn't work), so the shift points are off (what should they be?) Anyway, if anyone can give me tuning suggestions based on this file, please do.

*the file above has been converted and moved so many times I seriously doubt it'll be retrievable. If anyone's so kind as to want to look at it for me, I can always email it and hopefully that will work*