? about 84 T Runs bad until it spools?? Long-SORRY!


May 27, 2001
I posted this a few weeks back with only a couple of responses! I have found an 84 T for sale within my $ range which is very limited right now, so of course the car does need work. The main problem is that the current owner says the car runs bad until it spools up then runs fine. He says the injectors are leaking and he thinks this along with a bad turbo is the cause. Anyone have any ideas? Suggestions? I will have to travel aways to buy this car and don't want to get it home to find out it is something major. I trust the current owner and believe him. He has given me no reason not to trust him. Anyway! Just need some professional input and tech help! Sorry so long and thanks in advance.
If the injectors are original then it is likely that they may need to be replaced. If the car is smoking, then the turbo could be shot as well. You'd really need to have the car in front of you in order to diagnose it properly, but I'm fairly sure that if it runs, it can't be anything too bad. It's really your call, your already looking at a good 600 bucks for injectors and a turbo rebuild.
He did not mention anything about smoke, and I am sure he would have if it was smoking. Thanks! Keep 'em coming!