ABS Bumper Fillers Sold by Kirban

But when?? Lol I need a full set baddd

That's just it....I don't know myself...wish I did. It's how much patience you can have waiting for them to come out....me, myself, the right rear bumper filler had a piece just fall out, about two inches long....can't notice it, but the fillers have lost flexability....rather than pay a fortune for originals, I'm waiting for Richards's set to become available....the reason I don't want to use fiberglass or ABS is due to the mass amount of damage I'll have to my fenders if hit with something.....ABS and fiberglass have no give and will transfer bend energy right into the tail lights, the rear fenders, the tail light trims, etc. and I've found out they are very, very costly to replace. The original intent of flexible fillers is to keep all of these parts from becoming damaged on a 5mph bump. But,...that's just me. My brother put ABS fillers on both front and back of his '87 Buick Regal, and they took a little trimming to fit, but fit well after trimming. Looks stock and real nice. But I warned him not to bump anything......it'll really hurt the fenders, headlight trims, tail light trims, tail lights, bla, bla, bla.

Bruce '87 Grand National