AC Refrigerant Line and lessons learned

^^X2. Patience.

OP: with the numbers you posted, You're well over $18k into your $13k car. I wonder if maybe you sat down and added up all the money you've spent on the car (issues you've created or otherwise), if maybe there would be more pause before embarking on another spending spree.

Case in point: There's another forum I've been to where a guy was restoring his car. He's been adding every penny as he goes. It's very eye opening. I think he was over $50k for a $30k car!:eek:

Maybe a cautionary tale to all the young/new/impatient folks here?

Mods: Wonder if maybe this story could be re-titled or even better yet- start a cautionary tale "sticky" for people to post their mistakes and the cost of those mistakes as a warning to others. Maybe we could save some folks from unnecessary headaches and financial ruin.
If you are in the car hobby to turn a buck, you need to reassess. While there may be a little money to be made, I'm pretty sure the reality tv shows pulled back the curtain on the quality or lack of that it takes to turn some coin.
If you aren't doing it for the fun and experience you really need to take a step back. Camaraderie, satisfaction and the love of cars is why I work on mine. It's a hobby, there are way better ways to make money.
Back to the rails.

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