Accel Dfi (ecm) spark/fuel management (batch fire) mint condition

I have a accel dfi aftermarket engine management computer with wire harness and calmap 6.32 disc in mint condition..This was used on a buick grand national stage 2 engine and has a duttwieler tune in computer..It also comes with a variable injector controller with lap top interface cable for tuning ..This is a batch fire computer and can be used on 4-6-8 cylinder engines..This was over $2,000.00 new and was installed in stage 2 gn that was kept in garage ..harness is like brand won't find another like this....price is $599.00 plus shipping in us


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Ive got a friend that runs a 64 valiant with a slant 6. He has been wanting to fuel inject it and read that the batch fire system would work . He is very interested in this system if this is what will work for him. I pmd you for phone # exchange.