Acceleration issues


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Feb 18, 2006
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Small switches should be
On On On Off for TT chip

Base setting should be 0 for no change in idle and low rpm fuel

Set base to 1 for extra idle fuel
Set base to 2 for less idle fuel

Most of the time base setting will need extra fuel .

A little trick is to let the chip learn on base setting 0. Then turn off engine and set base to 1. That will help smooth out idle and help with tip in.

If it still has the stubble, disconnect the translator from the factory maf plug and see how it runs unplugged.


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May 27, 2001
As Rich pointed out....lots of red flags on the info you have provided so far Andre. I didn't do a point by point on your Scanmaster data....but the temp is just one thing that sticks out, that snapshot would tell me I am at 0 rpm (because you are taking a key on engine off reading??) 0 on the CC and the 140 IAC tells me either you just turned the car off.....or just turned the key back on. No tPS number?

See where we are going with all this? I wouldn't worry about any adjustments to the Translator until you get some solid data with the engine running....duplicating the environment when the failure occurs.
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