Accell DFI 6!!

Kid Turbine

Jul 17, 2007
Have a Accel DFI 6 for GN

want to use it but not sure how to set it up!! Not as user friendly as a DFI 7!!

4.1 .040 over 257ci
212/212 comp cam
100lbs LT1 springs
CPT61 turbo
MSD 50lbs injectors
MSD DIS-4 with interface

someone send me a startup file!!!!!! Stock chip car ran fine and strong but just fat cause of injector size over stock.

have a TT chip in car for build but have a 2500 rpm breakup thou.

Put a stage 5 chip back in the car runs smoother but still have breakup thou.

Have to get a parellel to serial adapter for my Direct Scan not sure if I can use it to adjust the TT chip.