O2 number shuffle??


I have just finished installing the Axis Interface along with the Axis chip from Turbotweak. I have a Bluetooth scanner from 1320 Electronics and both ALDLdroid and ALDLscan Apps. I adjusted both the TPS and IAC per chip instructions.

I have noticed my 02 readings seem to be drunk, and I'm not running any alcohol. They are bouncing all over the place, I thought it might have been a bad O2 sensor, so I replaced it today. I guess there's always the possibility I managed to get a bad one . After installing the 02 sensor, I had disconnected the orange computer wire for a minute and plugged it back in. Idled for a while in my garage until it got to up to temperature (at least 160) I didn't drive it around at this point but I noticed the 02's whonky. I also noticed if I slowly pressed the accelerator while in park, there was a little hesitation for about the first quarter inch (6.35 millimeters for those in the metrics parts of the world) even when I was in drive as well.

Onto my drive, I went for about a 15 minute drive to town, parked for about 30 minutes then returned home for another 15 minute drive (this is when I took my readings). And these were done all in just drive (3rd gear max). Improvements I've made to the car besides the Axis interface and Axis chip are stock intercooler with duttweiler neck and redid the Air intake with a LS1 MAF sensor.

Besides new plugs, wires, fuel filter, tranny flush etc. spring cleaning stuff about 2 years ago (less then 1000 miles have been put on since then).

The readings on these links for the "MAF" is double what it says, I confirmed this with Eric at TurboTweek. So when it says 3 while idling it's actually a 6.

Any thoughts on why the 02 is so low?

ALDLscan road test readings;

ALDLscan Idle readings;

ALDLdroid idle readings;
Is the boost reading correct? If so, the MAF reading may be a little on the low side when you start getting over 10psi.
If that's the case, you can increase the fuel in that area using the Axis adjustments.

For normal driving around, the O2's will bounce up and down.

Are you sure those injectors are stock? The color looks too light, unless the paint has worn off them. Check the part# on them.
@Eric Stage I The boost is probably off by a little, I've been working with John from 1320 to get it correct. It should read 0 with the key in the run spot and car off but I'm currently getting a vacuum of -.75.

I'll have to get back with you on the injectors, they are most likely stock, I have not changed them yet, and the previous owner had the car since at least 1993 and he kept it in stock condition, minus the chrome additions.

When I check the injectors, I'll increase the fuel a little at a time to see what happens.
@AJ87GN my brand : D I actually got the idea from @Coelacanth after fishing through threads on here and finding his. I found an online store (not sure if I'm allowed to plug them on here) that sells all the pieces individually. It just came down to a lot of measuring and cutting to get the final design I wanted. It starts off with a 3.5" to 3" reducer and ends with a 4" pipe after the MAF sensor.