Crank pulley play


Dec 27, 2013
So I let my wife drive my car recently. The car sits nearly all the time. We moved it out of my garage for a Halloween party and when moving it back the car just died. No spark. I noticed while looking at the crank sensor that the crank pulley has back and forth play. Like I can rotate it back and forth by hand about a 1/8-1/4 of an inch. Not in and out thrust play, back and forth rotational play like theres slack. I'd love to attach a video but this god forsaken website isn't letting me upload the video cuz its in an "mp4" format
Seems like it wallowed out the keyway in the crank or balancer. Balancers aren't that expensive, and typical costs to weld the crank keyway and remachine it run about $150.00, but you need to remove it to have that done. Pull the balancer and see if it is cracked thru the key slot. That's fairly common especially if the crank bolt came loose.
Do not start it until you check this! If the balancer cracked, it may not have hurt the crank, yet.
If the bolt is loose it may allow the crank position sensor to be ruined with contact to the reluctant wheel.